Who is behind their ouster?


Old order changeth to the new is an old adage and there’s nothing new if it so happens as that is the law of the Nature. Nature apart, there are other factors like Politics to play their role who hardly have any patience to give chance to Nature and themselves resort to indulging in forcing a change, of course an unnatural one. The very founders of BJP Atal Vihari Vajpai, L.K. Advani and Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi have since been sacked having been removed from the BJP Parliamentary Board, the highest decision taking body of the party. It sets a pattern for several others who are in the wrong side of their age and several of them are already there on the border line. The talk as it goes on is that these drastic changes have taken place at the behest of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. The talk is also there that it is RSS (Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh) that is behind the picture. Except that L.K. Advani had difference of opinion on Modi’s choice as a Prime Ministerial candidate of the party, Modi otherwise had sumptuous blessings as from both Atal Ji and Advani. Such a crucially hard decision was hardly ever apprehended by the cadres of BJP itself and the possibility that it costs the party heavily just can’t be ruled out. Modi does have a high popularity graph and incumbency factor has not adversely affected him the least even after he has completed nearly four months as India’s Prime Minister but such a callously colossal decision on his part is most likely to cause him an irreparable damage as masses of the country who massively supported BJP in the last elections may not like it the least. The very decision in all fairness lacks any cogent relevance.

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11 thoughts on “Who is behind their ouster?

  1. awadhesh45@gmail.com August 28, 2014 — 9:23 am

    Respected Sir,
    This decision does not suit to Shree Narendra Modi . It is correct that behind this some other people play politics who were not in favour of t hese stalwart leaders of BJP. It may be RSS or someone others. But it should not become.


    1. Whosoever might be there behind the scene the decision is after all unpleasant. My thanks for an apt reaction.




  3. Mr Narendra modi is in wrong hands.The elders should be respected,otherwise he will not complete his five years term and B.J.P will never come in power again in India. Mr Modi please take good decisions for the sake of the country and general public including the minorities and not for the sake of R.S.S. or any other body. please awake thanks.





  4. Ram Sahai Pandey August 29, 2014 — 3:11 am

    Not including of the iconic trio of BJP in the Parliamentary Board of the party certainly seems to be a very unpleasant development. However, it should also be taken care of that it was Mr. Modi in whom the people of the country reposed their faith and, as such, it is he who will be held accountable for delivering to the wishes of the electrorate. If it has been done with an intent to accomplish the promises he made, there can be some justification to the move. From the actions of Mr. Modi so far, it has been observed that he is honestly trying to bring about change in the system which is almost obstructive and not constructive to the needs and development of the country. In order to deliver, one needs proper space and liberty, of course within the overall legal and ethical limits. It should also be remembered that time has proved that ‘ends justify means’ – so aptly demostrated by none other than Lord Shri Krishna himself. India is a democracy which has been revolving around dynasties and too oldies. Given the element of security of their perpetuation, they hardly take any truthful initiative towards the welfare of masses except for serving to their narrow constituency driven compulsions. The way Mr. Advani and Joshi ji sought to deflate the leadership of Mr. Modi during the elections, quite oblivious of the mood of the nation, they had virtually forefeited their utility. In politics, seniority and academic ability are not the only factors which serve the cause. It is the motivating appeal and action of the leader which make the cart move, in proper direction and with required momentum. Seniors too should recognise the need of the hour and make the way for the future, on their own. Al already accepted, time paves the way change of the old order on its own, the reality should dawn at the right earnest. So far as people of the country and nation for that matter are concerned, to them only result matters, not the service to the elders and delivering nothing. With all respect to elders, it is to see that what the present dispensation delivers. Hanging around power is an obsession which makes the elders forget of the Ashram system of our ancient culture. Elders prefer giving sermons without adhering themselves to any of them. Hope the ultimate goal of fulfilment of aspirations of the masses will make things justified in the end.


    1. You have well analysed the whole scenario in a logical perspective but if all that holds good Modi too is not a youngster. My thanks with affection.


  5. What do you think the real reason for their sacking is? Very interesting.


    1. Obviously certain vested interests in BJP itself pampered by RSS. My thanks for the concern so expressed by you on the issue.


  6. Sir… Atal and Advani ji are the mass leader of India so they can not be ousted from the Indian hearts… this is a portent for BJP that they are ignored by their own chelaas… History can not forgive such chelaas and can not forget the stalwarts of Indian politics… Ultimately it is politics and Indian politics sir which is full of Brutus and Shakunis…..




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