Route to divorce goes via gym too:

Society does undergo a change in course of time and it is changing fast currently. Clubs and gyms have mushroomed every where and a woman is no more confined to house hold activities alone –she is free in most of the cases to walk to some club or a gym of her choice selecting her partners in exercise the way she wants. Such a life pattern has been quite common globally in different developed countries now spreading its wings in a country like India, the country till now known well for its Vedic culture, a family based culture with a discipline. The new culture as it obtains now permits a free styled life hardly knowing any boundaries or limitations and all this is practiced in the name of neo culture. It is this style vagabondly kept in vogue that is responsible for a rupture in family relationship in the cases of many and it further results into disharmony and even divorce which has become feasibly a handy tool in relation to number of couples who otherwise had a healthy and well knit married life earlier. The gyms, says a report, are most popular an area where ladies from well to do families initially get familiar with their trainers ultimately leading to a close relationship including the sexual side. This, reiterates the report, leads to divorce in several cases ruining the otherwise normal husband and wife relationship. This is an aspect where the laws of the land are of no help and only a radical improvement at the level of the society can overcome the menace. The need is for the society to feel alerted and wake up.


7 thoughts on “Route to divorce goes via gym too:”

  1. Sir this article is most important for Indian’s boys and girls to wake up them from clubs and gym’ new culture where they learn anti Indian culture. They and their family awake when there was nothing for save. I am very thankful to you not only from my side but the side of all the girls and boys of India also.


  2. For one who has frequented gyms in the past I have never observed the fraternising you have implied. That of course doesn’t mean it doesn’t occur, but I think it in itself it not the problem. Social values will change over time regardless of any artficial restraints. Life in any part of the world now is very different than say 100 years ago. Culture never stands still it is constantly evolving. I think its not just the female actives that need to be scrutinised, but the males, especially in paternalistic societies where their rights are seen as paramount to the female. Basic human rights should prevail regardless of sex.


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