Sonia claims to be back to power:

Accusing BJP of engaging people in ‘false dreams’, Sonia Gandhi made a statement recently that her party would come back to power. She didn’t specify as to how soon it is going to take place but obviously she herself might be dreaming that sooner it happens the better. Dreaming, or call it day dreaming, is a normal feature with the humans –some do it with some substantial basis and some resort to it as something utopian. Dreaming is tax free and even any Tom, Dick or Harry can afford it as sumptuously as they wish without any upper limit for the purpose. To be over ambitious is the most characteristic a feature in the case of politicians howsoever trivially placed they are in their status. Sonia Gandhi could be somewhat different compared to other Toms in the sense that she has since acquired a stature in politics continuously remaining the Congress President for quite a long time coupled with the fact that she was the Chairperson of the outgone UPA. The hinterland for politicians dreams lie with the people of the country and they could amply show their strength in the last elections with their overwhelming veto in favour of BJP and they are not the ones to get swayed by any visible allurement. It will take time for them to reapply their veto which appears no possibility at least for the next 5 years. It could be Madam Gandhi or some one else, there is hardly any scope for their dreams to materialise in near future. If bare dreams are the satisfaction for some body one is free to have them in plenty. Moreover, the way Modi Government has meticulously harnessed itself to the governance with tangible orientation of results, the runners in the second line have hardly any avenue but to retain whatever left over they have.

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7 thoughts on “Sonia claims to be back to power:

  1. There is no harm to see dreams. A person should be optimistic ,,,so is she




  3. Sir In Indian politics everything can happen. Mrs Gandhi has every right to revive her party. No doubt the steps taken by the new govt are appreciable but its egoist culture is reflecting every where creating new problems. The Nation suffering from cast,creed an religion confrontation is heading towards the center-state feud keeping the national integration at stake. So the mandate of the people can change the position


    1. Situation aptly analysed. My thanks with affection.


  4. August 26, 2014 — 1:53 am

    Sir, anyone can see dreams but if the dreams are being seen to be a richest person, to reach on the apex level of politics and to dominate the opposition by any means,to save the corrupt members of her party .that dreams can not be fulfilled . But if the dreams are being seen to serve the people for their betterment, to serve the nation to be a great country in the world that dreams can be fulfilled and no doubt like these type of dreams are seen by our prime minister Shree Narendra Modi.


    1. Nothing is ever wrong in dreaming and being ambitious but it should have a reason based approach without being lusty. My thanks with affection.


  5. Great Nepolian said that nothing is impossible in the world, apparently it appears next to impossible but for future what can be said?
    Some times I think that is it Modi who brought this tremendous change in the political field of the country or some one else and I find the reply that he is some one else behind all this.


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