He deserves a place in gallows:

Crisis of security is the core area that confronts the society in India and it is more manifest in the cases of women folk several of whom fall prey to sex maniacs and are raped every now and then throughout the country with the rape perpetrators devising strange modus operandi for the purpose. A police officer Amarjeet Singh Shahi of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh, India) raped a minor girl being daughter of a close friend of his taking advantage of their close proximity bordering family terms. One afternoon  he visited his friend’s house when the girl was all alone, she offered him tea herself joining him for company sake. Giving her a hoodwink he mixed some hard intoxicant in her cup of tea and she fell unconscious and the rape followed. Soon after he was arrested and tried in a local Court that awarded him 10 years imprisonment with a fine of Rs.65,000/ out of which 50,000/ is to be given to the victim and the balance deposited in the government treasury. Not at all enough. Highly dissatisfied the girls father is planning to take the matter to higher court demanding much harsher a punishment for the culprit. In fact for a heinous crime like perpetrating rape 10 years imprisonment is nothing. The punishment has to be the one that adequately teaches a lesson to the culprit and also the other potential perpetrators of rape giving a message in an ample measure that the people involving themselves in most condemnable a crime like this shall at no cost be spared. Nothing short of a death sentence sending the culprit to gallows is acceptable.

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11 thoughts on “He deserves a place in gallows:

    1. My sincere thanks for endorsing the views contained in the topic.

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  2. awadhesh45@gmail.com August 20, 2014 — 11:32 am

    Respected Sir,
    The culprit is able to hang till death.Because his heinous act is enough to finish the sanctity of relation. Therefore the decision should be taken a death sentence against the culprit.




  4. Where do policemen get such date rape substances? How did he ever get to be in such a position? A “friend’s” daughter? With friends like that, you don’t need enemies.

    Police usually get off with lighter sentences. Who knows why?


    1. What you said is every inch correct and may be the culprit in the instant case is able to manage going scotch free but voice of protest raised in the matter not necessarily is one in the vacuum, it may at least generate some awareness somewhere. My thanks with regards.


      1. Hi Neelkanth, I sincerely hope so! For it’s not right to abuse trust so.

        Meanwhile, this may interest you?http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/scot%20free.html

        Cheers J.


  5. such person should be hanged till death.


  6. Sir Very correct. He has also brayed the nation and is also a stigma on the society,family and department. He should be hang at a public place near the home of the victim


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