Why Modi ignored him?

Prime Minister Modi’s address from Red Fort on India’s Independence Day this year was by all means a historical one breaking the records of all his predecessors except of course the first history making speech delivered by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of the country, known as ‘Tryst with destiny’. India then had woken up to new realities and what Pt. Nehru spoke most relevantly touched the vey psych of the Indian people who just had a maiden experience of breathing as free nationals. He did belong to Indian National Congress which undoubtedly was then the majormost player to lead the freedom movement but he was the one much above politics exclusively committed to the cause of freedom. If some one equates him with those who opt for politics as a profession is terribly mistaken. He was adored by the people of the country as a whole and history still adores him with great respect and recognition supposedly continuing as such in all times to come. One TV channel, the one who had an opinion poll on quality of Modi’s Independence Day speech and as per the response they received it secured 99% marks, also categorically highlighted the names and areas which Modi omitted to mention in his speech of which Pt. Nehru was the one. The way Modi does his home work so meticulously before delivering any speech or embarking on some project, one can easily guess it was not an omission and Pt. Nehru was sidelined with an intent. Not fair. The place the history of freedom movement of India has given to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru shows all reasons that he was not the one to be unnecessarily linked with other members of Gandhi clan ranging from Indira Gandhi to Rahul Gandhi measured in sheer political terms, his was in fact a name that must have found place in Prime Minister Modi’s speech. His name is writ on a canvass that is unerasable.

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11 thoughts on “Why Modi ignored him?

  1. Pandit Nehru was a much greater statesman and patriot, sir


  2. awadhesh45@gmail.com August 18, 2014 — 11:28 am

    Respected Sir,
    Our prime minister Shree Naredra Modi should not ignore the name of our first prime minister Pt. Jawaher Lal Nahru in his speech because the present stands always on the foundation of past. It is necessary not only to learn the past but to respect the past also.




  4. May be inadvertently.


  5. Prime Minister did make mention of former governments for their contribution in the development of the country. It is other thing that some good Congress people know the only name and that is that of Nehru…..Gandhi and more so, they do not want these names to be taken in the company of other Indians because, to them, they are super Indians! While addressing the nation from the ramparts of Red Fort, Mr. Modi was speaking in his capacity as the Prime Minister of the present government and not that of a government either run by Congress or their cronies. It is also true that Nehru ji was not the best choice to become the Prime Minister of the country. Sardar Patel always ranked ahead of him in all aspects, except for the partisan choice of Gandhi ji and the country has inflicted irreparable damage due to this choice. Congressmen and their sympathisers should learn to look at the world in an objective manner. It is not that Nehru ji was any mean person but he was not the only one to be remembered and sung. Early the Congressmen realise this reality, it will be better for them. Yearning for uncalled for glorification of Nehru will serve no purpose.


  6. Took a note of your hard views with a candid manifest on Pt. Nehru. If what you say is taken as correct he could never have continued for more than one and half a decade as Prime Minister. Moreover, the comparison between the two great leaders has to be read and studied in an overall totality of the past dealing with freedom movement. I do admire you for a close study of the topic. My thanks with love and affection.


  7. Sir You have pointed out a very sensitive issue. The name of Nehru does not require any certificate from anyone. He was a messenger of peace and is a maker of modern India. You are very correct in saying that Shri Modi ji has ignored him intentionally. The great leader Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai,an unparalleled leader of BJP had a great regard for Nehru Ji. Modi ji has lowered himself in the eyes of a common Indian having no political affiliation


  8. I am of the view that if Pt.Nehru is ignored,it is not a matter to make any hue and cry. Are you of the view that the Congress was only instrumental in achieving independence? – NO …,the other agencies were working for the same.Why not those be remembered who offered themselves willingly to be hanged for the same independence.
    One thing I accept that he was faithful to Nation,I also accept that whatever Nehru ji is mistaken and on count of that country is still suffering – like China war, or 1/3 portion of the Jammu & Kashmir which I take as human mistake probably under over enthusiasm as new ruler of the country.
    I think nothing is undesirable on the Part of Modi from red fort.


  9. Pt. Nehru’s is a stature to be studied in an overall national context sans politics. Rest of the contents are quite meaningful. Your comment is duly edited. My thanks.


    1. I again admit that Pt. Nehru was not dishonest towards nation but I fail to understand the worth of stature. Few points hammering to my mind – 1. when Hari Singh Nalwa signed agreement and demanded military for Kashmir,why the forces were sent three days latter. 2. Allowing article 370 for Kasmir almost major part of the agreement signed by Sri Nalwa has become innocuous.


  10. Expand horizons of your perception without confining them to a point with fixed mind. History behind a celebrity is to be studied in its totality, Any way I agree with you on the facts enumerated by you as a part of history. My thanks.


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