A plane dropping down in space:


A Jet Airways aircraft on way from Mumbai to Brussels dropped down in space by 5000 feet the other day is the news. It happened in Ankara airspace over Turkey reportedly on account of the Pilot having dozed off on his seat. One can well imagine how horrible a juncture it was for the passengers in the air just because of a fatal sort of negligence on the part of the Pilot. The co-pilot too was busy on her laptop when the incident occurred, says the report. Once while travelling from Mumbai to Delhi, a trip out of thousands, I too had a nightmarish experience when my plane, an airbus, dropped down in space by about 10,000 feet when it was flying over Ahmedabad through the thick clouds and heavy rains. It took around 2-3 minutes for the Pilot to recover the prescribed height in space but it was virtually a hell let lose during this short duration of time. The jerk was so heavy that number of passengers lost their seat belts as they broke with the jolt unable to bear the shock. Many a seats got scattered overlapping each other with women and children passengers in their shrieks and many gasping for their breath with a look of horror. This was the case where the Pilot was not at all at fault, he was rather capable enough to overcome the crisis failing which the aircraft might have turned into a cemetery. I remember a passenger from Egypt occupying his seat by my side having asked me as to why I didn’t get at all perturbed when the mishap occurred whom I replied saying that there was no point in getting upset and perturbed as what was to happen had happened and none could stop it. Actually this was how destiny works which factor is beyond human concern. He got fully satisfied with a feeling of awe. It was the moment of rejoicing when the passengers finally landed safely at Delhi airport. If it was a case of any negligence on the part of the Pilot concerned it would have been something unpardonable but worth it was to be taken merely as an accident being a role of the Immanent Will.

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9 thoughts on “A plane dropping down in space:

  1. awadhesh45@gmail.com August 16, 2014 — 9:06 am

    Respected Sir,
    This accident discribed




  3. The incident you have described occurs a relatively frequent bases when a plane encounters wind shear. At height it is of little consequence to the integrity of the air frame, but of course passages can be injured. I personally have never experienced an event like the one you described. I can imagine how frightening it was.




  4. Yikes! Of all forms of travel this is my least preferred. Generally, I can be stoic but if what happened to you Neelkanth. Had happened to me? The outcome might have been far different, for me. …. Kudos to you!


    1. Your sharing on a positive note is an encouragement to me. My thanks with regards.


  5. awadhesh45@gmail.com August 16, 2014 — 5:08 pm

    Respected Sir,
    The information of death of a very closed relative came abruptly when a comment was being made of the above article. Therefore I could not write any thing. Sir I never listened about this accident regarding your’ travelling. Reading the accident related to you at that time any one can be perturb to day also. It was you Sir who was not effective from the circumstance like a monk. May you live long for us Sir. Excuse me if any thing is wrong.


  6. You have nicely expressed your reactions on the topic. Good wishes of people like you have all along been with me and there lies the source of my strength in whatever way it stands. My thanks with love and affection.


  7. shocked to know .thanks to God nothing had happened. May you live long .


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