Faithfuls or saboteurs?

Faith could at times be a negative term too when it comes to defining its character and spelling out its direction. When direction is determined the very faith could lead to a sabotage in many a cases with the perpetrator turning to a saboteur instead of a faithful one. Much depends on what type of a society we have and what is our national character, every story takes place based on that. There is a locality with the mohalla name of Faithful Ganj in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh, India). The mohalla was developed by the then British Collector of Kanpur exclusively as a colony for those Indians who were committed loyals to British rulers providing them their concocted evidences against freedom fighters besides acting as spies for British. Britishers used them as a produce from Indian soil to their own interest and benefit setting them against their own Indian brothers engaged in freedom movement. They were actually the slave monkeys dancing to the tunes of their masters, the British. They had no conscience ever to prick dead to the core as it was. The very locality still exists with the same name and the situation has  obviously undergone much of a change but whenever I pass through it I do develop a feel of the sort of a bad smell that emits there still, bad smell of the pigs who belonged to the country but acted against it licking to the toes of the aggressors, the British. They could have been ‘faithfuls’ to foreign rulers but the fact remains that they were actually the saboteurs for India, the motherland. Shame on them, this is how the history records it.

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7 thoughts on “Faithfuls or saboteurs?



  2. August 12, 2014 — 5:16 pm

    Respected Sir,
    Who were the faithful to the Britishers and were saboteurs in favour of Britishers against our nation both were one has exposed after independence of India. Now India will has to forgotten their anti action because they were also Indian and maximum in counting.


    1. But their ill actions against the Nation continue to be remembered as sabotage only. My thanks.


    2. PS: You have not given your reaction on the new get up of the blog. Hope you liked it.


  3. Many of us were not the history of such Indian traitors ,who were faithful to British rulers .That why the name Mohalla is ” Faithful ganj.” After knowing this fact every body who will pass through this Mohalla ,automatically will feel hate for such Indian traitors


  4. It is first time when I could know the reason for giving the name of Mohalla faithfulganj.

    The comment of D.N.Sharma is very true.


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