The mausoleum that still earns highest revenue:

The historical romance between Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal looking live even on date in the form of Taj Mahal on the bank of Yamuna river in Agra (India) is not only a love story but is the one that earns a big revenue to the Government of India as if love too is an investment capable of yielding sumptuous returns in terms of money. It earned a record high figure of Rs.21.84 crore as entrance fee alone during the current financial year 2013-14. Being a monarch with limitless financial resources Shahjahan could immortalise his love for Mumtaz Mahal constructing a monument for her which privilege is much beyond even a remotest dream for a common man despite the fact that his love for his spouse might be a thousand times more than that of Shahjahan’s. An eminent poet described this cruel anomaly like this:

“एक शहंशाह ने दौलत का सहारा लेकर

  हम ग़रीबों की मोहब्बत का  उड़ाया है मज़ाक”

(A monarch abusing his money power has made a fun of all of us, the poor)

The shining marbles of 361 years old Taj Mahal are fading away with the passage of time and there may come a stage when it disappears altogether mingling in the dust but the love story in the background may still remain. Love of both the rich and the poor, if it is really eternal, may continue as the part of stories and the folklore but not the money side of it. The flow of the money the monument earns today may be corked up some day obliviously transgressing into the past and what may remain still thereafter to a considerable extent is the love side of it, the serene sort of a love not necessarily prospering with the support of money power.

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8 thoughts on “The mausoleum that still earns highest revenue:

  1. I do not remember an entrance fee? But maybe there was in 1971? I found the visual exterior aspect of Taj, stunning. The interior less so.

    My most favourite memories of India, were the less obvious. The night skies. the rivers with their fauna and flora. Exquisite flowers that looked like small jewels. The weaver birds, parrots and scorpions. The jungle sadhus and bustling markets, etc.

    I expect the summers are arid? I was there through autumn and winter. Which showed of India to a tee. A visually beautiful place.


  2. Your close observations on the ‘Taj’ are impressive and inspiringly beautiful. My thanks with regards.




  4. Certainly would have not thought that it may become a hand some revenue collection point in future.
    I admire the deep observation of hirundine608 of the monument.
    Your poem “GAREEB PREMIO KE TAJMAHAL” is also very marvelous. Though, this poem reveals the difference between a monarch and a poor.


  5. August 10, 2014 — 8:33 am

    Respected Sir,
    Only love should be worshiped not to monument.Laila_Majnu, Shree pherhad and Nal Damyanti did not make any sumptuous monument to give immortality for their love but in high percentage of people do respect their love much more than the Shahjahan ‘ love. By whom it was said that “एक श्‍ाहशांह ने बनवाकर हसीं ताजमहल हम गरीबो की मुहब्‍बत का उडाया है मजाक” is not correct. Love is God and no bod ridiculed of the love.Therefore it is very and very correct that the serene sort of a love not necessarily prospering with the support of money power.




  7. The question must be asked. Was this an over indulgance whim to the detriment of the masses who built it at the time or a piece of art that has undeniable intrinsic value for all humanity to marvel? I think an argument can be mounted for both.


  8. Thanks for the comment and also the ‘Like’. Your views on the topic do have a positive orientation.


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