A sepoy’s son on the pinnacle of his army career:

If there is will there is way is the saying and this comes true in the case of General Dalbir Singh Suhag who could make it to rise to the top post in army. He took over as army chief of India on 31st July’2014 which was a dream come true not only for himself and his family but tens of thousands of people in the country. Belong as does to a small village in Haryana with his father Ramphal Suhag having served the country as a jawan in army, it was a great journey he made to reach the pinnacle of his career becoming the head of the Indian Army. His has been a dynamic career throughout and he is the pride for the nation. People of the country look to him with a fond hope that security of India is in safer hands in him. He has tackled many a great challenges occupying different assignments of most vulnerable a nature from time to time during his career as such and there is no reason for the people in the country to feel deluded in their expectations in any manner as from him. He is sure to prove his worth in an immense measure securing laurels for himself and the country. Let us congratulate him and wish him a grand success in his mission of country’s security.

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6 thoughts on “A sepoy’s son on the pinnacle of his army career:

  1. awadhesh45@gmail.com August 4, 2014 — 6:36 am

    Respected Sir,
    I congratulate to our honorable chief of army Mr. Suhag and pray to God to help him for achieving his goal.


  2. Yes, he does deserve greetings and good wishes. My thanks with affection.


  3. Congratulations to Army chief .A very rare example to rise in such a way,Hats off to him.


  4. Yes, it is rarest of the rare instance worth emulation. My thanks.




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