Calling names to Narendra Modi:

Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chauhan had audacity to call the Prime  Minister Narendra Modi as Maunendra Modi obviously ridiculing him with an indication that he is the one who remains silent on important issues confronting the country. Belong as he does to Congress Party he has done it with a view of retaliation in the context of earlier Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who used to be called as Mauni Baba by the people of the country for the reason that he kept silent on many a major issues of the Nation with the result that there was  hardly ever any tangible delivery of goods. Saying something for saying sake is not a new fancy for many a politicians as they take them fully licensed to come out with any irrelevant remark.irrespective of a reason or rhyme. It needs not a board or commission to do the fact finding on comparison between Manmohan Singh and Narendra Modi as people of the country are the final authority to do it and they have pronounced their judgement in the last elections. People know Narendra Modi as the one who doesn’t mince words and speaks out his plans and programmes at the national level in strongest possible terms without ever keeping quiet on issues of importance for the country. How his predecessor Manmohan Singh was attending  such issues is no secret to any body. Healthy criticism on a positive note is always a welcome feature in any democracy but calling names to any body for no cogent a reason is far from decency and decorum, more so when it relates to high office like that of the Prime Minister of the country.

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8 thoughts on “Calling names to Narendra Modi:

  1. While the point of a prime minister is to make certain decisions and be representative of government at functions. The PM carries a lot of power. I feel it is still dangerous to give them too much respect.

    Though in no way, do I endorse deliberate rudeness.

    Sometimes politicians will take cheap shots. They do so to score political points, from their supporters. One should not take it seriously, for politics is a game. A game played by the elites. Ordinary people seldom see the real way it is of how it is. Embarrassing situations will be handed off to others, to take a fall and credit will be gained for them; at the expense of those who play that game poorly.

    Remember nothing is how it is. We must learn to read between lines and wait until the whole story emerges. Even then to draw conclusion of “the game”, can only be read by the players. …. maybe, this is as clear as mud? But I’m sure, I know what I mean.


  2. I make a due note of the pointers raised in your comment. My thanks with regards.




  4. Shame on the part of Mr.Chouhan.Actually this is culture of congress party .They don,t know what is decency and how to maintain decorum while speaking about the prime minister.,


  5. July 31, 2014 — 10:01 am

    Respected Sir,
    The congressmen always try to prove that Shree Narendra Modi is not a better prime minister than the ex. prime minister Shree Manmohan Singh. Due to this the Chief minister of Maharastra said above rhyme. Within few days it is prove that the Shree Modi is a supper leader of our country.


  6. It is merely an ex poser of Congress Party and nothing else because for last sixty year this party has been empowered but this time the same has been thrown away therefore this change is not being digested by the party.

    As far comment of hirundine608 principally I fully endorse but Modi’s respect bears a different aspect. As a matter of fact the whole tenure of Dr. Manmohan Singh has been very disappointing at the same place arrival of Modi created a strong ray of hope having equal quantum of power and right of function.I find a vast difference between Manmohan Singh & Modi.Modi has strong will to do some thing in the interest of the country while Manmohan Singh was passing time with luxuries as prime minister.It is the only reason Modi is respected so much.


  7. Reading posts like this make surfing such a plsrueae


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