Why ignore martyrs of world war 1914?

India was a slave country ruled by British when the first world war took place and around 1.3 million Indian soldiers with 82 from Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh,India) alone lost their life in the battlefield. There are many holding the view that they fought and laid down their life at the instance of the then British government in India and this should not be necessary to commemorate them as it had no direct relation with freedom movement of the country. Freedom movement in fact had hardly any thing to do with it as it was just in the offing at the material time. The soldiers who fought and died fighting belonged to the Indian soil while discharging their duties in good faith. All of the 82 soldiers belonged to the then Benaras State situated in adjoining Ramnagar. The State constructed a memorial dedicated to these soldiers nearby Ramnagar which is lying badly in a dilapidated condition neglected and forlorn. The need is to rebuild it duly rededicated to the martyrs honouring them for their martyrdom.

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10 thoughts on “Why ignore martyrs of world war 1914?

  1. I beg to differ Sir. They served British and not India and why should they be commemorated.


  2. awadhesh45@gmail.com July 29, 2014 — 4:50 pm

    Respected Sir,
    It is a very good suggestion Sir.We should start to commemorate for their bravely not for the country for which they did martyrdom. Because at that time India was ruled by British and the soldiers served them. Therefore in the above article the thoughts of the writer to commemorate the soldiers for their bravely not to commemorate the Britishers for their ruling.


  3. Their sacrifice should not be ignored.
    Thanks for such thinking to highlight such matter.


  4. Under the circumstances of the time they fought of behalf of the country.During the period of material time those soldiers had no option but to move according to the British Government.As such they deserve to be remembered.


  5. I thought you would not agree with the author’s view but you did. My thanks.


  6. G.Britain then not now,dealt with India and the Middle -East brutally,Every one was obeying the Crown.Those who died during WWI /WWII are martyrs whether they are soldiers or civilians. Today politicians are not learning from the history.Jalal




  8. I concur with what has been said. Context to the time period is very important. At that time they had no choice but to participate in WW1 for the British empire whether right or wrong. They should be commemorated for their sacrifice regardless.


    1. I feel glad with your response and am anxiously waiting for your new story. My thanks.


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