In no way she is an outsider:

A great tennis sensation Sania Mirza is branded as an outsider by certain politicians in India obviously in the context that she is married to a foreigner muslim cricketer Shoaib Malik. The controversy arose when she was appointed as Brand Ambassador of newly formed state Telangana by its Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar. The critics questioned her image as a Brand Ambassador of Telangana. Sania Mirza aggressively disputed the remark saying she belongs to India and will continue as such till the end of her life and that she is not going to change her nationality. True, she married a citizen from Pakistan but what is wrong in it. A woman can marry any one she likes and hers is not a solitary case. She could marry a man from Pakistan, America, England or any country in the world which practice is quite old one. She is the daughter of India and as a tennis player of an extraordinary calibre she has given the country a historical image with several of awards to her credit both from within India and outside. There are several movie stars including Amitabh Bachhan, who got sumptuous laurels for working as Brand Ambassador of Gujarat State, known for their assignment as such in different political areas besides a large number of the other big organisations and there is no reason for heavens to fall if Sania Mirza is offered such an appointment by Telangana State Chief Minister. She in fact deserves laurels for her contribution as a sportswoman as from the society and not the unwanted ridicules as from the vested interests.

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5 thoughts on “In no way she is an outsider:

  1. Until & unless she takes citizenship of Pakistan,she should not be considered as outsider but comparison with Amitabh Bachchan would not be befitting.


    1. She has already clarified that she is not going to change her Indian citizenship. My thanks.


  2. Yes sir.She is the daughter of India and pride of India.We hail her as Brand Ambassador of Telangana.It is the incredible India which has produce many great politicians,Sania Mirza and also the persons making such ridicules statements.




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