Is the world nearing the doomsday?

Close to a colossal disaster and devastation the whole world appears to be heading to virtually a doomsday. The question is if there is some force on earth to cry a halt to this gigantic menace. What happened to flight MH17 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur instantly killing 298  innocent passengers including the crew members the other day shooting down the whole plane through a surface-to-air missile by the Russia supported terrorists, as is alleged, is most unfortunate a signal against peace. The victims included a whole family of six persons who were returning home. What wrong these innocent people had done to any one?. It’s not enough to call such a heinous act perpetrated so brutally inhuman, it is rather thousands of times worse than that. The whole segment of humanity is crying in pain. American President Barack Obama expressed serious concern on the incident of which Moscow has taken a serious exception telling that Washington is unnecessarily coming to conclusions even before the investigation in the matter is over. Where all this may lead to? Possibility of a world war can’t be ruled out in such situations. Missile attacks are the ones which even poorer countries can afford now and once the violence of this type erupts there is no calling it a day and the whole spectrum of humanity falls in danger, say the very existence of it is at stake. In the given situation of present day war technologies available every where, once it starts it may culminate only to a full fledged disaster, say a doomsday, say end of the world. The forces that count need not forget that it is peace that subsists humanity for its sustenance and not the violence or war.

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8 thoughts on “Is the world nearing the doomsday?



  2. It is the matter of great concern at global level


  3. The extremely wealthy, seek to enslave the world into the NWO. They manipulate us in to this. Fear is always a good method. The notion that the people who control nuclear weapons would unleash them is irrational. What they do is use that fear to make more warheads and the infra-structure, through which to deploy them. Those things must be paid for. Thusly the taxpayer is robbed.

    To actually use them would destroy the golden goose, that lays those golden eggs. It would also mean their wonderful estates, for winter and summer living would become uninhabitable. Their yachts, private planes would become useless and the horses for polo playing and other pastimes, would die. The yearly income from taxpayers would be gone.

    They prefer to use the ordinary person’s fear against them. The threat of nuclear holocaust. Means we are tricked into thinking there is a reason all our taxes went to this expensive weaponry. To keep the tiger at bay? Yesterday it was Iraq and Afghanistan. Today it is Russia and Syria. Always Palestine. Likely tomorrow it will be North Korea? Who knows these things? But always there will be false flag operations, to keep the pot boiling. For war keeps the profits elevated.


  4. Why should I blame to activist or terrorist only why not to those who initially sheltered to them rather brought to them in existence by their support either by weapon or by finance?In the period of cold war USA used this tactics against Russia.The many group of terrorists earlier supported by Pakistan have become problem for Pakistan it self.Similar case is with Bhindrawala ,he was also a product of late Smt.Indira Gandhi and every Indian is well aware what happened at the end. As such what we will do we will be responded accordingly.Even USA is not free from terrorist.HAMAS,a group of terrorist is supported by many of Arab countries against Israel but even the supporters are not free from terrorism.Now the Russia is also moving on the same way,recently the China has given clean chit to Hafiz Saeed while China is it self suffering with terrorism.

    I am on the conclusion that great politician of world will make hue & cry for peace on public platform only but they are not at all sincere towards their speech except exception.


  5. I do admire the contents of the comment, elaborate, lucid and exhaustive. My thanks.


  6. July 23, 2014 — 11:20 am

    Respected Sir,
    It is fact that these serious problems are related to global but India can not be isolate from its. Every country of the world should try to finish it on the humanitarian ground and our prime minister Shree Narendra Modi will have take lead in these matters. Because India should be seen on the apex level of the world by the struggle of our prime minister along with his pary.


  7. Sir…. All these incidents whether small or big leading towards word war 3rd. A s the events cast their shadows you are very correct sir that the word is nearing the doomsday…


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