Defining a corrupt person:

Corruption is quite vague a term having several dimensions and at times it is so difficult to determine as to who is actually corrupt and who is not. It assumes more grotesque a form in the cases of those who are sexually corrupt. This is an area where society plays more of a role than the law. Laws are hardly helpful in this context as they are callously technical about it never bothering to enter the soul of the issue. Perceptions emanating from a society are manifestly more visible on the surface as against the laws. Some Miss Universe may have several dozens of affairs and there no body bothers nor one has any courage to call her as corrupt but if there is a slightest possible semblance of it in the case of a house hold woman, heavens start falling and the entire locality declares a jihaad against her. The kind of life style many a celebrities in different walks of life have has an inbuilt resistance mode of cover against whatever they do which can otherwise be branded as a corruption or something that borders it but there is a calculated witch hunt that starts against common people immediately the moment there is even a frugal most allegation of the order of a corrupt practice, be it social, sexual or financial in nature, against them. A scenario like this is not a new story as the same thing has been happening in our society since ages with the difference that it may be more rampant in the current context. A  corrupt practice in our present day society is practically interpreted based on not what it is actually but on who does it and this is how the big bullies can go scotch free with small fries punished heavily for the same kind of offence.


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9 thoughts on “Defining a corrupt person:

  1. The topic “the definition of corrupt person” is very difficult topic. Sir, you have given the true picture and definition of corrupt person.I believe Every body has two faces, one shows his honest charactor but on the other hand he is making hugh money beyond his means.Should we call him an honest person. I believe a person is honest if he has essets equal to 50% to 60 % of his entire Income from the begning to the last (from the begning of the business to the last calculating his honesty). suppose my salary during my entire service is Rs one crore then my essets should not be more than 50,to 60 lacs.including moveable and immoveable. After Serving the State Bank Of India for 35 years I could not make my house to live and my essets (money )are the same as were given by the Bank at the time of my retirement, my expence are from the Pension and the Interest Income on the deposits held in the Bank. The Bank has not enhanced the Pension ,so it has become difficult to carry on daily needs. The Income Tax returns for the last Ten years should be the main base of one’s identity

    I have seen many effidevits filed by the politicians showing the essts of crores of rupees. The persons retired and joined the politics are also having much funds than their total income.



  2. I feel glad that you are back to your the then routine feed backs on all my blog posts in a nicest possible manner. My sincere thanks for your comment that carries much of a substance as usual.




  4. Respected Sir,
    I think Sir, that the corruption is not a very small topic to say. Who is not corrupt in the area of sexual but if he is corrupt in the area of honesty, how we will say that he is not corrupt.If we say any one that he has a good character it means that he is not corrupt in every area which is related to the human being in good sense.A man having a good character will have to satisfy of his actual gain for what he deserves. But if he disturbs to see the sums of others it means that his character is not good and people say that he is a corrupt man.


  5. Quite elaborate a comment, and meaningful too. My thanks.


  6. It is difficult to demarcate or define that who is not corrupt.


  7. Very correct sir… Saint Tulsidas has also said ” Samrath ko nahi dosh goshai “


    1. An intelligent coverage to the topic. My thanks with affection.


  8. Corruption or corrupt practices for that matter have been there for times immemorial and they are nothing new today. Social values which largely define or denote such things are largely seen with regard to common man, say middle or lower middle class because it is this class which is susceptible to the clause ‘log kyaa kahenge?’ People belonging to upper class and also those at far below strata are taken to be above or below these rules. It is this middle & lower middle class which makes the mainstream of any nation and decides its course in finality. It is also the reason why they rarely manage to make any drastic change in their lot. Taboos keep them away from any bold move. Nation survives on their values and customs. We need to honour and preserve them. Powerful and ‘capable’ people have always had their say disregarding values and customs. Society has never punished them for their follies. I wish this middle class to stay and guide our destiny!


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