Story on Vaidik–much ado about nothing:

As if heavens have fallen if Ved Pratap Vaidik, a journalist, met Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed. Members of Parliament belonging to opposition disrupted the House for two days in a row creating hell of an atmosphere with allegations that Vaidik was a RSS man and that he was sent to meet Saeed at the behest of the government. It was too much of an exaggeration that Vaidik was trying to bargain his view point, as alleged by the opposition, that Kashmir be made an independent nation. There are tens of thousands of people in the country who have their personal view point on some issue or the other and so is Vaidik and there are no laws and rules to corck up their free expressions. The opposition also raised their suspicions on modus operandi of releasing necessary visa to Vaidik to visit Pakistan for the purpose as if the Indian government was instrumental in the matter. Vaidik is a journalist and he himself explained that he has been meeting people of different shades and character all over the world in his capacity as such. What is wrong? All the journalists and media men including TV anchors have been doing it, and rightly so. Vaidik can’t be isolated as an exception. The issue was in no way worth causing a pandemonium in Parliament. Opposition appears to be falling short of an agenda of issues and for that matter they pick up the trivialities to create nuisance just for the heck of opposition which are in fact non starters. Parliamentarians like this actually need some tutorials to learn the requisite basics to direct their etiquette in Parliament only on issues which are relevant and positive seeing to it that they don’t unnecessarily waste most costly a time of the Indian Parliament.

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8 thoughts on “Story on Vaidik–much ado about nothing:

  1. Sir, The opposition parties have disrupted the parliament for two days unnecessarily . Who says there is a democracy in India. I do not feel so , If I can not meet the person at my will, and can not speek as my own , Is this a democrcy.,I specially hate Shiv sena party who think themself to be more indian than others. When they beet and harm the persons from U.P.and Bihar, in their aggitation ,Is this a Democracy? Every body has the right to meet any one and express his feelings with any one. I am not happy with the congress , when they were in the ruiling party ,every thing was acceptable to them ,now after shifting to the opposition, the congress has forgotten the main feelings of democracy, in future they can also be the ruilers and all such type of disruption will be mirror of their past. Please respect the nation as Democratic country. I have expressed my feelings against the parties and request them not to disrupt the parliament on this issue that an indian has criticised the opposition parties. .



  2. Well said. The last sentence of your original comment is edited. Please go through it. My thanks for the comment.


  3. Now there is no work left exept to create nuisance.Thus they can prove their existence.


  4. Respected Sir,
    It is fact that the opposition in the parliament does not work according to the low of the democracy.Making a noise in the parliament by opposite parties to discuss on the irrelevant topic only to destroy the valuable time of the parliament. It is not good for the health of the country.


  5. I too agree with Shri Negi.


  6. It appears that opposition is trying to high light to Hafiz Mohd.Saeed.The opposition mainly Congress Party has nothing to do in the interest of the nation. They do not have any program or agenda except to create nuisance against Modi. In regard to Dr.Vaidic I think he would have become over enthusiastic when he was called for meeting with Saeed and nothing else.


  7. Sir… Years back in an article of yours I have read that the parliament is the house of owls… It doesn’t matter from which bench they belong.. Creating nuisance and creating rowdy atmosphere in the house help these hon’bles to veil their foolishness……




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