Union budget of India–impact on the masses:


It was D-Day yesterday in relation to history of Indian politics when the union budget for the current year was presented on the floor of Parliament by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitly. The people of the country popularly recognise the budget as ‘Modi Budget’ supposedly based as it was on the radical initiatives launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he took over as the new Prime Minister of the country replacing his predecessor Manmohan Singh. No budget is ever fool proof nor it can ever be expected to satisfy each one but a bird’s eye view amply reveals that it was one of the best budgets ever presented in the given circumstances. Experts in the field can come out with lot many implications, and genuinely so as budget is grotesque most an area, but a plain look at it from common man’s view point shows enough of an indication that it is a the one pro them. Relaxed housing loans, raise in income tax limit with more relaxation in the case of senior citizens are a few examples that directly suit both middle class and lower middle class. Parties in the opposition had no cogent grounds to point out lapses in the budget except that the resources to finance the budget proposals have not been adequately spelt out. Overall the budget proposals are positive, need based and quite compatible to various plans and projects the government has in hand.

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    1. The finance-minister has increased the exemption limit upto Rs3.00.000/-.for the pensioners crossed 60 years of age but has forgotten to give 1% extra Rate of Interest on bank deposits with the banks to senior citizens,At least 1% extra should be given and if any bank wants to give more This should be upto banks to decide and this has been an additional interest income with the senior citizens on their deposits with the bank.I request the finance-minister to please give the guidance to the R.B.I.for this enhancement. of 1% extra interest to the senior citizens thanks.



      1. I got you on this blog after a long time. May be you were too busy. Points raised by you are pertinently meaningful and I wish they receive the attention of the government and State Bank of India. My thanks for the comment.


  2. Respected Sir,
    The union budget produced by the finance minister Shree Arun Jetli in the guidance of Shree Narendra Modi is probe that Modi ji says anything to do not to ignore. The union budget is in the favour of the people and the country both.


  3. Sir…. No option but to hail the budget as it is soothing for all..


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