Whether Shariat should have a parallel judiciary?

There are claims that Sharia is a law in itself. As upheld by the Supreme Court of India on 7/7/2014, Shariat and fatwas have no legal status. The judgement was delivered by the apex court on a PIL filed by advocate Vishwalochan Madam which questioned the constitutional validity of shariat courts allegedly running a parallel judicial system in the country. No law permits two parallel systems of judiciary in a country but it amounts to the same if permitted what the advocates of shariat want. There are several Panchayats in different places in India who pursue the practice of their own rules to punish the guilty, as so perceived by them, with their own verdicts, notably the Khaaps in Haryana. If shariat is permitted to practice their own rules and laws why the same can’t be extended to Khaaps and other regional groups like that is the question. India is a democracy where rules and laws are the same for all the citizens in the country and they can’t be different varying from one group or sect to another. They have to be cohesive and uniform in all the cases of people in the country irrespective of any bias based on some region or religion.


8 thoughts on “Whether Shariat should have a parallel judiciary?”

  1. Law is about arranging civil order of society. To claim they conduct law at “God’s will”. Is absurd. I believe in one God. Others believe in many. I believe in one God with many aspects. Others believe in a vicious warlike God. I believe in a, mainly, peaceful supreme being.

    How this “Sharia” can judge a person’s action, means the people who uphold it believe they are are better than God. For this Sharia claims, to speak for the creator.


  2. Respected Sir,
    The Shariat should give an advice of its society but it should not act like judiciary .In India two instructions are not suit for the people of India either they are Hindu ,Muslims or anyone.


  3. Respected Sir,
    The Shariat is only to give the advice of its society not to compel to obey its action.
    In India it is wonderful that there are two judiciary , two law . Sir, it should be checked by the Government of India and stop it.


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