Soaring prices have a new name now:

Things change and so are the names of varying issues and this is done most often by political circles to make their approach saleable with the consumers in the market. Take soaring prices for instance, a consequence erupting inter-alia out of governmental decisions, which have since been given a tag of hard decisions in the interest of the Nation by the present government in the saddle led by BJP. Possibly the previous government fell short of the strategy to coin this excuse and they might be repenting on this count. The moot question, however, is whether giving some name with a national denotation to a gigantic problem renders necessary acceptability to it at the level of the consumers, the common people of the country. Obviously not. No terminology of an excuse evidently sans any tangible delivery of goods is ever supposed to be received well by the people. They want solution to the problem and simply a change in its name doesn’t suffice. No doubt that the Modi Government has been able to fully stabilise itself by working hard with their integrity intact coupled with a sound agenda on developmental projects within a very short time, people of the country are more keen to see an improvement on the burning issues like soaring prices where the previous government was a total flop and this is an area where real results matter and not the barren vocabulary of some words or the other forming a lame excuse. More so, the present party in power BJP stands committed to their voters in the last elections to fully overcome the crisis if voted to power and they have no reason to cover up their inability with unproductive words after they were able to form their government.

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5 thoughts on “Soaring prices have a new name now:

  1. No doubt the people want to have material gain but is it possible to be benefited over night? Had Modi assured in his election meetings to short out each and every problem on tips or over night that too in the country of 125 carores.I am surprise on the thinking of the public on the issue of soaring prices with in so short time. If the people are so greedy & self concentrated it would not be healthy sign for the country. Iraq problem,how it is burning issue before the country but is this Govt. is not being able to handle it successfully?As such Ido not have any hope for any miracle over night.


  2. It is a global problem. With the international bankers benefitting.




  4. Respected Sir,
    Our prime minister Shree Narendra Modi said that I will try to solve every problem of our country if the people of India give me some times and that is only for sixty months .The opposition leaders which aim is only to oppose the rolling party is making noise for soaring prices with in month. It is not a good singe for Democracy.


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