Limit to dogmatism:

As per news in the media, the heads of a love couple were severed in Pakistan for the simple reason that they had their love marriage against the wishes of their family members. Pakistan is otherwise known well for discouraging love marriages. The heinous act was performed treacherously. The couple was invited by the girl’s father on the pretext of blessing them on the auspicious event. When they turned up both of them were tied to a tree with ropes beating them mercilessly followed by severing their heads by the girl’s father himself who had the grudge that his daughter had married a boy 15 years older to her who was 16 and that he belonged to a caste lower to his. Matter is being investigated by the local police. In an era of 21st century when there is a global competition on who emerges as the best in relation to a progressive and ultra modern a society, this episode is in an extreme contrast to all that. Where are the advocates of human rights? Are they all in a deep slumber? Most condemnable an act like this is a hard slap on the face of those who claim that they are on way to becoming most progressive a society in the world. Twenty first century is not supposed to tolerate a society riddled with rigidities of an outmoded dogma which has already outlived its life. An enlightened society is the one that knows respecting any consensual love and not ridicule it.

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7 thoughts on “Limit to dogmatism:

  1. Ah yes, dogma! An appalling state of affairs and an insult to reasonable people. How can anyone least of all a parent, be so dogmatic? The blood staining their hands can never be washed away. The fact that authority is doing little to educate people, notwithstanding.


  2. Any post on this blog remains incomplete unless it elicits your comment. My thanks with regards.




  4. This type of activities should be condemned .What to say about the incidence of Pakistan …. in our country also The KHAP panchayats are also taking similar action .


  5. Khap Panchayats are quoted most relevantly. My thanks.


  6. Where is contractor of human right organisation? but I am sorry, perhaps this organisation is committed for terrorists and anti social elements only.


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