The only language that suits them is force:

The Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement that no attack from naxalites shall be tolerated any more and that such an act on their part would be dealt with sternly deserves accolades. In fact such a bold statement should have been made earlier as if it was done lot many killings of innocent people that occurred recently might have been avoided. Any negotiations with them in the name of peace talks are the ones to land no where except giving a handle to procrastinating the barbaric terrorism that is going on for a long time since the days the ill devised movement was born at Naxalbari. Naxals by temperament are never for peace as it doesn’t fit into their ideology. If they ever agree to talk, it is always on their own terms and their terms impliedly mean handing over the whole nation to their charge. Such talks for them are a tool to lingering their so called mission of force and violence. Wolves need being driven away if not eliminated and peace for them is never something that they can swallow. The language they understand better is that of force and that is what is needed most to deal with them.

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5 thoughts on “The only language that suits them is force:

  1. The notion that government should be run for the betterment of the proletariat. Is not new. When governments abuse the people, the idea of for the people by the people seems reasonable? The reality is actually that of fascism. As the state becomes the main organ of government. When the state is dictating to the people like China and USSR. They become fascist, like those governments of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.

    Animal Farm by author G.Orwell describes the traps of fascism, quite well. Governments need to be compassionate, not authoritarian.


  2. So aptly said “Governments need to be compassionate, not authoritarian”. My thanks with regards.




  4. Respected Sir,
    The terrorist and naxalites are unbridled people.Therefore in which language they talk we should also talk with them in that language. But if they want to come in main stream of our nation they should be welcome .


  5. Nice reaction on the topic. My thanks.


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