Yes, this may befit his stature:

The statement made by Nitin Gadkari that if L.K. Advani is made the President of India it matches his status and stature is a welcome expression as it truly does justice to the octogenarian leader who has many a services and sacrifices to his credit in the interest of the country. There was a talk earlier that he should have been offered some senior position in the cabinet of ministers, that he should have been made the Loksabha Speaker or that he should have been given the charge as Dy. Chairman of the Planning Commission. All these positions in fact didn’t match his stature as he already held the post of Dy. Prime Minister of the country when Atal Bihari Vajpai was the Prime Minister of India and offering him any position below that in rank could have meant only something too secondary. He belongs to BJP but his is a giant sized stature at the national level warranting a consideration in that spirit away from political demarcations. No doubt he is in the wrong side of his age but he is the one who has been able to keep his stamina to work fully intact and is by all means capable enough to discharge his responsibilities with efficiency and integrity.

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5 thoughts on “Yes, this may befit his stature:

  1. Very amicable solution. Most Welcome ………such dignity of shri Adavani will be restored.




  3. Yes,certainly it would be a graceful placement.


  4. Respected Sir,
    Our prime minister Shree Narendra Modi never ignores the seniority of any one either the members of the party or the members of the out side of the party.About the Shree Lal krishan adwani he will try to give him a supreme post for which Shree Adwani ji deserves like the President of India when the time will come.


  5. I wish what you expect is given a tangible shape. My thanks with affection.


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