Lest it becomes a Waterloo for Modi government:

Besides many several other slogans it was soaring prices that was the plank used by the Modi led wave in the country to form the government. This was the tool massively used by the promoters of Modi wave as this was the major area that cost the UPA their government. The opposition mainly the Congress Party is all set to use this very tool against the Modi government to destabilise it at least if not topple them. Scenario on soaring prices stands more aggravated compared to what it was prior to Modi government taking over and the mammoth popularity which Narendra Modi was able to acquire has started getting eroded and it is leading the people to feel disillusioned. If such a discontentment is not controlled by initiating peremptory measures to curb soaring prices, there is every likelihood that it worsens further and  may be the resentment on that count proves to be a Waterloo for the government led by Narendra Modi.

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3 thoughts on “Lest it becomes a Waterloo for Modi government:



  2. Certainly it may be a waterloo for Modi but we should wait at least six months. Even a month is not completed by this Govt. and opposition,mainly Congress Party making hue & cry for good governance which they have been messing for last 10 years.It should not be ignored by any of us that internatiional scenario ie Iraq affair is being worst.On the other hand at the domestic level the natural climate is also not supporting to this Govt.
    However I am confident that Modi will get success.




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