Women’s empowerment in India:


A woman is born powerful blessed with capability to lead the posterities from generation to generation making the human existence on earth an eternal phenomenon. Does she need more powers? Yes, she does in the context of sharing material powers in social and political day today life scenario. She being a supreme factor deserves to be treated as such in routine practical terms in which area she has grossly been discriminated against men for ages, a trend immensely warranting amends at the level of the current society. India has a global reputation so far as the respect for women is concerned but it lags behind several of countries in the world in the matter of extending them due recognition in political terms, there it lags behind even Pakistan, the country otherwise known for discouraging women in their social upliftment. India’s age old slogan यत्र नारियस्तु पूजयन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता (angels live where women are worshipped) has to be adhered to in practical sense extending due respect to women folk. Now that the new government is there in India led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there is every hope that the Indian women shall be extended the due respect they otherwise deserve in different social circles including Politics.

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3 thoughts on “Women’s empowerment in India:

  1. true,thts what we all hope for




  3. very true


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