It’s father’s day to-day:

Cycle of the Days runs one after the other throughout the year and so is one to-day –Father’s Day. Wish a very very HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the fathers all over the world and also to their sons and daughters who are equally potential fathers and mothers of to-morrow paving the way for posterities. ‘Child is the father of man’ said Wordsworth. My elder daughter Neer was the first one to call on me this morning offering her affectionate greetings obviously to be followed by my other siblings and I felt overwhelmed. This is a sort of divine relationship which perpetuates through generations and this is how it goes on eternally keeping the whole world intact with a bond that binds it as one composite unit. How sweet indeed. Wish this cycle to go on uninterrupted for ever.


9 thoughts on “It’s father’s day to-day:”

  1. With the spread of the so called modern education, relationships are gaining new shapes and dimensions. Our ancient system leaned heavily on family and social bonds. The education and means of subsistence have today completely changed the social fabric. The invention of ‘days’, on one hand reminds and reinforces the relations attached thereto, but, on the other hand, it also denotes, to some extent, that the gravity of relations is on the waning and symbolism is gaining upper hand. However, we owe thanks to those inventors who, although are doing business and reaping from popularising the ‘days’ but it will not let relations fade away because the compulsions of industry will keep it going. The emotions and sentiments attached to relationships need to be reinvented and lived as part of our day to day life and not left for the ‘days’ to come.


  2. Respected Sir,
    Our culture is every day is father’s, mother’s, brother’s and sister’s day which we enjoy. In India it becomes difficult to save the power of relationship in these days . It is also listened some where that sons start to dishonor their parent but parent do everything what is in their favour .एक शायर की दो लाइन प्रस्‍तुत कर रहा हूं ा
    वो मेरे खून का प्‍यासा है क्‍या किया जाए ा उसी से खून का रिस्‍ता है क्‍या किया जाए ाा


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