Turbulent tempest:


While opening the dashboard page of WordPress, one has to invariably come across ‘what is there on your mind’ and that forms a routine question to their blogger clients. Even if you meet the question a thousand times the  question still remains as it is meaning thereby that it is something that continues perennially. How many times one has to come out with an answer? Every mind is full of storms, the hurricanes, upheavals, torments and if taken in their totality they assume the proportions of a tempest, a turbulent one –something to the extent that one feels like crying like Robert Browning did once when he wrote “….who knows the world may end tonight”. It’s a different matter that for him it was the tempest of ecstasy, the pinnacle of his joy for a moment when he had too brief a reunion with his love Elizabeth Barret as ‘A last ride together’. One’s mind is a workshop where unbridled fluctuations on a thought process are produced. Bhagwat Gita, the great epic, quotes Lord Krishna as –

चंचलम ही मनः कृष्णा प्रमाथि बलवद्धधम 

तस्याहम निग्रहम् मन्ये वायोरिव सुदुष्करम्

(Mind is tempestuous and commands great strength. It’s like a storm next to impossible to control it).

And that is the case with all human beings, say even any live beings on earth, where they can’t monitor their mind –it works the way it likes, it goes the way it decides with no curb or any check beyond itself.

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9 thoughts on “Turbulent tempest:

  1. It can be monitored by YOGA but of course it can not be easy task .


  2. Despite all the scientific achievements and great forays in the field of space explorations, minute study of the very anatomy of the human body the nature and functioning of the software that operates our biological being remains a mirage. Probably so far no scientific method has been devised to fully understand and control the mind (MAN). In ancient times, surprisingly, our sages could control it sans any medical equipment or prescription. Even today, when in company of some sage (not the ones found around, especially in media, claiming to do miracles) it remains a little bit controlled. Hope a day will come when the mystery of the mind (MAN) will be unearthed!


    1. You have a treasure of thoughts and I feel glad that your meaningful expressions get more manifest on this blog. I am confident it matches the taste of the readers. My thanks with affection.


  3. intriguing subject Sir. Often mind has invariable innumerable thoughts in continous motion


  4. very nice analysis of human behaviour.


  5. Respected Sir,
    It is very difficult to say any thing about the mind {MAN} logically. What is said tha t is a opinion of a individual. Sir, I have asked you about this mind {MAN} in your chamber of the union office of Luchnow, you told me that to whom you love very much, meditate him/her you will see that your mind {MAN} is in your control at that time but for a few second. Sir, a foreigner has also been dictated by you about this mind. Sir, when we solve a math and when a Doctor checks a patient at that time the mind is controlled but not in continuation. Sir, Sant Tulsi Das says in his Sree Ram Charit Manas about the mind {MAN} “निज सुख बिन मन धरहिं न धीरा ा परसि कि होइ बिहीन समीरा ाा परम आदरणीय – जहां तक मैं सोचता हूं कि बैराग्‍य के अतिरिक्‍त मनुष्‍य की सहजावस्‍‍था भी मन को नियंत्रित करने में सक्षम हो सकता है ाा


  6. You are very correct in your expressions. It is possible to control unbridled mind by uninterrupted meditations and it needs some time to acquire the needed equilibrium. My thanks for closely going through the post.




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