Different Signs & Symptoms of Skin Asthma

Skin asthma is as big a menace to physical health as eczema.

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Skin Asthma Skin Asthma

Skin asthma is more often called eczema or atopic dermatitis. The disorder is atopic in form, meaning it is an inherent condition that aggravates during allergen attacks. This problem, which is marked by the skin being extra sensestive to specific irritants, typically affects people predisposed to asthma or allergies. The allergy leads to swelling and inflammation of your skin.

Skin asthma, also known as eczema, is a very common skin condition caused by attack of allergens.The health of skin asthma is commonly observed in people with low immunity. Such people are more susceptible to falling prey to allergens based in the environment. In order to remain protected against skin asthma, one should have the ability to recognize its symptoms. Here are some signs and symptoms of ski asthma.


Many irritants can provoke skin asthma flareups. Pollens, molds and mud can aggravate your reactions. Other offenders may include…

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