Lest it hampers the new saffron dispensation:

The great stalwart of BJP L.K. Advani, as it is visible on the surface, appears to have been ignored by the new power centre in the party and the government. Obviously he might be feeling slighted. He is one of those who brought the BJP to Himalayan heights and his contributions to the party and also the Nation in a way are immense and immeasurable. He is the one who deserves recognition beyond a mere lip sympathy. Though in later eighties, only rarest of the rare can match his stamina and capacity to work. The way he had to vacate his seat next to the Prime Minister in Parliament just the other day and reconcile to sitting by the side of the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj like several others only undermines his status and stature. He had also to vacate the office he was till now occupying as Chairman, NDA. Possibly it is Narendra Modi, himself the Prime Minister, to occupy this office like his mentor Atal Bihari Vajpai did when he was the Prime Minister. The argument behind this pattern is that when there are two power centres it hampers the functional efficiency with the requisite compatibility, hence the need for Prime Minister himself to occupy the office of NDA as its head. This may mean the other way round too. One who occupies the two offices of importance simultaneously there is every chance that he develops a tendency to monopolise the power and authority which goes detrimental to public interest. There is, however, still no dearth of an office to befit the status and stature of L.K. Advani; if it is there, a new one can be very well created if necessary will is there to extend to him the recognition he very much deserves.

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10 thoughts on “Lest it hampers the new saffron dispensation:

  1. Well said.




  3. Viewing of working style of Narendra Modi, to form such opinion will be too early but on the point of L.K.Advani there can be no second thought if Sri Advani is ignored.The History can not ignore the contribution of Advani and Atal Behari Bajpai for BJP .


  4. There is a famous shloka “अभिवादनशीलस्य नित्यं वृद्धोपसेविनः ।चत्वारि तस्य वर्धन्ते आयुर्विद्या यशो बलम् ॥
    A person who is polite, respects and serves the elders will be benefited in at least these four fields. Longevity, wisdom, fame and strength. This forms the very basis of Sanatana or Bharatiya culture. For ages, our society has been practicing this. People have been and are being subjected to appreciation or criticism along these parameters. The nursery from where present day rulers have come, claims to be the saviour of our culture and heritage. Thus for, it is realised that seniors in the saffron camp are not being given their due share of place and respect by those in command today. But many things change their shape and course when it comes to the issue of practicing politics. There is no game that cruel and ruthless as the game of politics. The history remains that those who demonstrated mercy and benevolence to their opponents lost in the long run. The seniors who seem to be ignored by the saffron party today are the ones who failed to read the writing on the wall. Like Congress and other opposition parties, these people were never sure of the strength and appeal of Mr. Modi and were expecting a fractured mandate. They were so obsessed with their seniority and envious to the new leader that they didn’t grant him his due share of benefit of doubt at least and lost no opportunity to belittle him by raising avoidable questions about the decision of the party to float him. Even after elections were over, they didn’t come to terms and remained belligerent. They lost the opportunity of appreciating the warrior when he emerged victorious and either raised uncomfortable questions again or preferred to look aside. It seems strange as to how the so called political pundits which these seniors claim to be, could not judge the mood of the nation. Nothing succeeds like success. Old order has to give way for new one. It is for the old to chose the path of grace or otherwise. The saying goes – ‘deserve then desire’. Nothing can be a one way affair. Both (parties) will have to show bigheartedness. Let us hope that the political or operational realities will not fall short of managing to honour our cultural heritage as well.


    1. The message behind your comment is just so wonderful. I wish the readers of this blog take full advantage of it. My thanks with affection.


  5. Saffron, the colour of enlightenment. Curiously saffron, an expensive herb. Is seldom used for dying clothes. The substitute is frequently turmeric. Yet, likely, turmeric is more valuable as a herb, or spice? Beneficial for headaches, lowering blood pressure, depression, digestion and anti-inflammatory.purpose.

    Saffron may be useful in fighting cancer, beneficial for skin hair and macular degeneration?


    1. And it is saffron now, in a way the symbol of BJP, that is ruling India. Let the benefits of it as duly enumerated by you be extended to the people of India. I wish it happens. My thanks with regards.


  6. Respected Sir,
    No doubt, a stalwart leader of BJP Shee L.K.Adwani is a leader of sacrifice, having a soptless political life and paying respect to his seniors like Shree Atal Bihari Bajpai and Raj mata Vijai Raje Sindhia. I hope that our great Prime minister Shree Narendra Modi has above qualities to serve the Nation, party and his seniors .






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