Isn’t it a feminine tendency to mind others praise?

Shashi Tharoor of Congress Party used a few words of praise for Narendra Modi, now the Prime Minister of India, with the result that it has incurred the annoyance of Sonia Gandhi, the Congress Chief, against him and there is every likelihood that axe falls on his head and that he be put to task for the crime he so committed. What’s that much wrong on his part? The whole country is all praise for Narendra Modi for his radical approach to the issues both when he was not in power at the Centre and after he took over the charge as the Country’s Prime Minister. She is joined by her son Rahul Gandhi in initiating action against Tharoor. People talk of honesty in approach but was it not honest enough for Tharoor to innocently admire Narendra Modi quite in a good faith? A woman, it is said, does’nt relish if some one else is admired as against herself and the areas for the purpose very much include politics. One interpretation of Bhagwatgita is that dishonesty in thoughts is equally a sort of corruption and one who indulges in it is supposed to be guilty at par with others. Thinking good is in a way more important than physically doing it. Be honest when you admire some body and equally be honest when you have reasons to oppose a person and approach in both the cases has to be without any wilful malice. This is not merely a sermon but something that practically holds good in routine day today life and it very  much includes politics. Shashi Tharoor is a well recognised intellectual and needs no body to point out to him that he is in politics as he himself knew it well while admiring Modi but he preferred to go by the voice of his conscience, a slogan once promoted by Indira Gandhi herself. Admire or oppose but do it with reasons and honesty.

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9 thoughts on “Isn’t it a feminine tendency to mind others praise?



  2. Mrs.Sonia Gandhi,what ever thinking or going to initiate in the case of Shri Tharoor,is nothing unusual for her,rather it is quite according to culture of Congress Party.Honest approach,honest thinking or honest conduct in the field has become imaginary in the Congress at least since she became superime of the party.


  3. You make some good points Neelkanth. Unfortunately, most political leaders and politicians in general. Are wrapped up in their own egos, with power is its own tantalizing aroma. They are always very good at pointing a finger at others, that they fail to see the three fingers pointing right back at them.


    1. I feel supplemented contents wise. My thanks with regards.


  4. It is not the case of Mr. Shashi Tharoor vs. his party high command alone. After not too small number of years as independent polity, our system has given credence and authority to neo monarchs in the form of heads of political outfits. They have become self-acclaimed ‘infallible’. They create shell around them manned by self seeking honchos and, actually, managed and directed by themselves. All political parties of our country are more or less operating along these lines and the great Congress has been leading the show. Healthy criticism and discourse which are pillars of any democratic system have given way to personality cult and individual worship. This is also due to the fact that political dispensations are not taking place on the basis of any ideology; they are offshoots of personal whims and tribal like support base gaining approval from their so called core sector and operating solely for self-service and not for any cause whatsoever. Autocratic DNA can never allow any form of democratic breeze because due to lack of ideology or policy, it starts feeling insecure and the resultant attack on and shooting of the messenger. This is true not only in case of our political parties but also any person who has acquired position or authority in any form. Although exceptions are found every where but this rule, probably, has not too many. The famous ‘voice of conscience’ episode was only a design and not an honest move. Need of the hour is to practise democracy and not stopping at discussion level only. Let us start from ourselves!




  5. There had been purely a dictatorship of one family in congress party. so there is no place for admire the working of opposition leaders. shame on the followers of such party


  6. Respected Sir,
    Absolutely it is true that the leaders of the Congress party do not know to pay respect to the juniors. they treat with them like a servant. Because of this the juniors have not dare to say the correct position of the party before them.


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