Yes, we can:

Words change their meaning and weight, and also their element of message, when two great leader celebrities of the world like Barack Obama and Narendra Modi use them. They assume the status of a powerful slogan, a slogan that inspires the people, a slogan that energises the people inculcating the spirit of zeal and fervour in their mind prompting them to take their mission as a challenge harnessing themselves to it with a solemn commitment. Nothing in this world is insurmountable if the relative task is undertaken with a strong will for the purpose. This is the need, and hence the call of the day, not confined to India or America alone but the whole world as one consolidated unit to speak aloud with determination ‘Yes, we can’.

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8 thoughts on “Yes, we can:

  1. I hope “we can” use their words to get rid of these criminals, who run the world.


    1. The link so sent by you with an exhaustive coverage on the topic is a matter of interest to me. My thanks with regards.


      1. I found interest in it also. It shows how people around the globe are being manipulated for profit and greed.


  2. its the power of words when added to the power of a persona tht brings more change




  4. Very fine description.


  5. Of course ” we can “


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