Beauty of small things:

It’s no news worth wasting any space and something too trivial to draw the attention of the readers but does count to quite  some extent from the view point of a get up compatible to viewers taste and fancy. A blogger too needs a platform capable of the requisite manifestation consonant to his ideas and thought process. Scribbling on a rough pad and writing something on a paper that is neat and clean are two different things –one is not capable of generating any ideas to writer’s mind but the other one is. So applies to blogging where an inspiration laden template matters a lot for the one who blogs as against awe fully yawning gaps in a design with unruly scattered style of letters gasping for their methodical placement. I have been trying different templates in a big number now settling down with this one wishing some patience to myself to stop here at least for some time to come. My great sympathiser and my mentor in a way in the field of blogging James Allen ‘hirundine’ always prefers a space savy template and this one takes care of it. This one is in fact my old favourite which I have rebuilt with some modifications. My blog displays ads from WordPress to which all the templates are not compatible but this one does it. For the commenters too this is quite user friendly. Hopefully this is to match the taste of my valued readership whose reaction in the matter is solicited through this post.

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8 thoughts on “Beauty of small things:

  1. Neelkanth, that very sweet of you, to compliment me so. My thanks and Pranam! Oh and BTW. Grey is a very restful colour. Grey makes every other colour ,,,, Pop!

    Strange as it may seem? The human eye actually sees in shades of grey. With just dashes of colour here and there, to add compliment. When we focus, everything is colour. When we glance around, our brain sees subdued hues.

    Once more THANKS! Pranam – Jaisatchitanand. …. James.


  2. I feel glad that this one meets your okay. My thanks with regards and Jai Sadchidanand..


  3. Beauty reflects everywhere irrespective of things being big or small, sir


  4. I did like your earlier one,which you had for a day. Perhaps it blended well with the topic of that days post,”memories..”. the feel was of a traveller. This one is good too and matches well with the different causes that you raise through this blog


  5. You have perused the post not cursorily but quite closely with observations that count. My sincere thanks.


  6. It is a very fine selection and very soothing also.


  7. Ultimately a better end of problem . I hope it continue smoothly.




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