Looking for God

If God is really there, He is every where.

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God is everywhere and in everything,
In the valleys and vast plains,
In the warmth of the sun and in the rains,
As an artist leaves some of his soul in his creations
So has God in His innovations

And if we open our eyes and ears,
Everyone will see and hear;
His soul is a magnet drawing us closer
But oft times we struggle to deny His lure.
Without Him we are incomplete,

As hollow as an empty shell
While He is our Creator, Lord and Master
And our Loving Heavenly Father,
Our Shelter in the storms of life,
And in the darkness He’s our Brightest Light.

©Denise G Allen, 30 May 2014 04:33

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12 thoughts on “Looking for God

  1. gopal ji tandon May 31, 2014 — 9:43 am

    Dear Sir, I forward herewith a write up regarding our PM. If you think it proper and publishable in Avenues or Face Book, please do the needful. Regards, Gopal Ji Tandon


  2. A very nice poetry. Sir God is Omnipotent and every one may feel it every time
    ‘When i bring you colored toys my child then i know why there is color in flowers’
    Ravindra Nath Tagore in Gitanjali


  3. Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel Laureate, is well quoted. My thanks.




  5. Respected Sir,
    God is everywhere it is accepted by everybody except a few. I send a four lines from Urvashi that is ”
    भ्रान्‍ति नहीं अनुभूति जिसे ईश्‍वर हम सब कहते हैा शत्रु प्रक्रति का नहीं न उसका प्रतियोगी प्रतिबल है
    ईश्‍वरीय जग भिन्‍न नहीं है इस गोचर धरती से इसी अपावन में अद्रश्‍य वह पावन सना हुआ हैाा


  6. शिखरों में जो मौन वही झरनों में गरज रहा है उपर जिसकी ज्‍योति छिपा है वही गर्त के तम मे
    जिस मधुर भूमिका में जन को दर्शन तरंग पहुचाती है उस दिव्‍य लोक तक हमें प्रेम की नाव सहत ले जाती है


  7. Both of your comments with quotes from Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ are quite relevent in the context of the contents in the relative post. My thanks with affection.


  8. God is every where.


  9. Although it may not go down well to many people, sometimes even to myself, the very idea of God gives rise to some very core questions. It may sound nasty but many times this question has haunted me – “who made who?” The entire concept of God or His empire for that matter, as I can perceive, is a human creation.We all believe that the God is omnipresent & omnipotent. But, is it not true that this belief is also brainchild of human species. If there be any place where there are no humans, the concept of God, as we human think or believe, will not exist. Is it not true that where ever we humans go, we take this (sublime) idea of God along.Also, if there is God at all, what prompted Him to create this universe? The question asked by a poet “Duniyan banaane waale kyaa tere man mein samaai, toone kaahe ko duniyan banaai” largely remains unanswered. If He has created the universe and various creatures, man included, for his entertainment or just for play. Who benefits or derives satisfaction from all happiness and pains (agonies) gains, losses, which the beings undergo? The life (birth) itself is not a welcome development as it is beginning of sufferings. Who benefits from all this? Why should the beings suffer for the sport or pleasure of Someone who we call as merciful when in reality it is nothing but cruelty? Questions are too many, answers wanted but not coming. May be enlightened souls can give some valuable insight, sans only beliefs. These questions (innumerable, actually there are), more than often, stir me and in the absence of any (satisfactory) answer cause pain and, many times repentance. Please come to my rescue. Begging pardon from one and all.


    1. Most suspenseful a topic like this has been quite masterly enunciated by you. Your perception quite matches what Count Leo Tolstoy used to talk on human cycle of birth and rebirth in the context of some God being there or not being there at all. Wish you to contribute the ideas like this for the benefit of the readers of this blog. My thanks with affection.


      1. Thanks sir. It was never my intention to comment for the benefit of some one else. It was an exercise purely aimed at obtaining answers from enlightened souls in order to quench my own thrust. Hope readers of this blog will have some answers. With profound regards – RS Pandey.


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