Tobacco–a great menace to health:

There is nothing new in talking about ills and evils of tobacco products. Tobacco addicts themselves know it quite well that it is harmful and that it may cause an irreparable damage to their health but they are the ones who lack necessary will to refrain from its use. The new government at the Centre with Dr. Harshvardhan as Health Minister has already prepared a broad based programme for eradication of this grave menace setting up measures to discourage its routine use. The plan is to impose a heavy tax on tobacco products crippling the affordability aspect of it on the part of the users besides several other steps. Smoking is too hazardous a habit and so are the other modes of its use. Thanks to Narendra Modi’s government at the Centre for launching necessary measures in this connection but what is warranted more is to generate necessary awareness by launching a massive campaign for the purpose to amply reach the masses of the country as mere imposition of an increased tax may not serve the desired purpose. The scenario that obtained a few decades back in the matter of money supply is no more there and majority of the addicts are in a comfortable position to afford it well enough money wise and those who are paying for it can also pay for the enhanced tax. Tax itself may not be capable of acting as a deterrent unless it gets coupled with other drastic measures to curb the evil followed by effective general awareness programmes massively launched for the purpose. The new government having taken up the task in an earnest spirit, there is every likelihood that the very menace would be within their grip and control shortly.

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14 thoughts on “Tobacco–a great menace to health:

  1. Strangely, maybe? Tobacco was imported from the Americas after voyaging by Columbus and Walter Raleigh in 16th century AD. Yet, examinations of Egyptian mummies. Show substantial traces of both tobacco and coca leaves. If so? Then people were circumnavigating the globe, far earlier than 15th century AD.

    Is tobacco harmful to health? Well, likely if addiction is not controlled. It did not do my health any favours.

    Yet, First Nations people used it as a sacrament of offering in America. Their pipes used a mixture of herbs including tobacco.

    Some people use tobacco today and it seems to not hurt them? For they limit their addiction.

    My own suspicion would be that the sugar used in curing. Followed by other chemicals like saltpetre, among others. These probably add to demonization of tobacco use?

    I’m glad to have the monkey off of my back!


    1. So nice a feedback with most relevant a historical background. I feel glad and am thankful to you with regards.


  2. Comment of Hirundine Sir is most informative, Sir


  3. useful information


  4. Respected Sir,
    It is not a permanent treatment to get rid of from Tobacco because who are habitual to take wine they are not able to leave it even they belong from the poor section of the society. In India some provinces are restricted to use गुटखा except U.P. where so many people are suffering from cancer.
    therefore it is necessary to restrict the Tobacco from whole India.


  5. gopal ji tandon May 31, 2014 — 12:05 pm

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  6. Respected Sir,
    I try my best to send you a poem in hindi but is not accepted Hindi language .


  7. भावों के आवेग प्रबल
    मचा रहे उर में हलचल।

    कहते, उर के बाँध तोड़
    स्वर-स्त्रोत्तों में बह-बह अनजान,
    तृण, तरु, लता, अनिल, जल-थल को
    छा लेंगे हम बनकर गान।

    पर, हूँ विवश, गान से कैसे
    जग को हाय ! जगाऊँ मैं,
    इस तमिस्त्र युग-बीच ज्योति की
    कौन रागिनी गाऊँ मैं?

    बाट जोहता हूँ लाचार
    आओ स्वरसम्राट ! उदार

    पल भर को मेरे प्राणों में
    ओ विराट्‌ गायक ! आओ,
    इस वंशी पर रसमय स्वर में
    युग-युग के गायन गाओ।

    वे गायन, जिनके न आज तक
    गाकर सिरा सका जल-थल,
    जिनकी तान-तान पर आकुल
    सिहर-सिहर उठता उडु-दल।

    आज सरित का कल-कल, छल-छल,
    निर्झर का अविरल झर-झर,
    पावस की बूँदों की रिम-झिम
    पीले पत्तों का मर्मर,

    जलधि-साँस, पक्षी के कलरव,
    अनिल-सनन, अलि का गुन-गुन
    मेरी वंशी के छिद्रों में
    भर दो ये मधु-स्वर चुन चुन।

    दो आदेश, फूँक दूँ श्रृंगी,
    उठें प्रभाती-राग महान,
    तीनों काल ध्वनित हो स्वर में
    जागें सुप्त भुवन के प्राण।

    गत विभूति, भावी की आशा,
    ले युगधर्म पुकार उठे,
    सिंहों की घन-अंध गुहा में
    जागृति की हुंकार उठे।

    जिनका लुटा सुहाग, हृदय में
    उनके दारुण हूक उठे,
    चीखूँ यों कि याद कर ऋतुपति
    की कोयल रो कूक उठे।

    दशमलव / ललित कुमार
    (परियोजना सम्बंधी सूचनाएँ)
    » संकलन

    प्रमुख रचनाकार
    कविता कोश में श्रेणियाँ
    रचनाओं के संकलन

    » अनुवाद

    भारतीय भाषाओं से हिन्दी में
    विदेशी भाषाओं से हिन्दी में

    » अन्य भारतीय भाषाएँ

    अवधी कविता कोश
    गुजराती कविता कोश
    छत्तीसगढ़ी कविता कोश
    भोजपुरी कविता कोश
    मराठी कविता कोश
    मैथिली कविता कोश
    राजस्थानी कविता कोश
    हरियाणवी कविता कोश

    » विभाग

    भाषा और साहित्य पर लेख
    मॉरीशस का हिन्दी काव्य
    धार्मिक लोक रचनाएँ
    शाश्वत काव्य
    गीत फ़िल्मों से

    » प्रादेशिक कविता कोश


    1. You suggested me to delete the above lines as extraneous ones for testing purpose but I find the poem so quoted is meaningfully of a great interest, hence I am allowing it to remain preserved. My thanks.


    2. Wonderful


  8. Respected Sir,
    I sent you a long poem by pasting on site . Please excuse me .यह कालम हिन्‍दी और अन्‍गरेजी दोनो नही स्‍वीकार करती है यह या तो हिन्‍दी या अन्‍गरेजी स्‍वीकार करती है ा


  9. Sir you are very correct that mere restrictions and imposing of higher taxes on tobacco are not to serve the purpose but the total effective ban on its use is warranted to face the menace


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