Smriti Irani–qualification dispute?


Hangamaa hai kyon barpa” (Why so much of a fuss is there)? As if there are politicians who have no other work except fault finding and pin pricking on issues which are otherwise non starters. Does it really matter much if the newly appointed HRD Minister Smriti Irani is a B.A., B.Com., a graduate, an under graduate or even a non graduate by her academic qualification? History has it that both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi who adored Prime Ministerial office of the country were non graduates. Top celebrities like Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar and Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar, also Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Bill Gates and even Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore were all non graduates. This is no doubt important that one who holds a prestigious ministry like HRD is supposed to be highly qualified academically but fortunately or otherwise there is nothing like any minimum qualification laid down for Ministers in India. So far as the calibre is concerned, Smriti Irani is a highly talented woman with her background as most popular a T.V. artist. What is of course a matter of concern is that she should not have given conflicting statements in regard to her academic qualification like once when she contested parliamentary election against Kapil Sibbal from Chandni Chowk, Delhi, she mentioned B.A. as her qualification and then when she contested against Rahul Gandhi from Amethi she mentioned it as B.Com (Previous). Filing conflicting affidavit is an offence and she is supposed to have refrained from so doing. If she has committed any offence, the law of the country has to take care of it, but those who are creating so much of a hue and cry on the issue are more concerned in causing maximum possible embarrassment to her for political reasons.

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9 thoughts on “Smriti Irani–qualification dispute?

  1. Sir,you haave rightly narrated the inner feelings of congress party spoks persons. They want to be in the news and criticising the newly appointed H.R.D. Minister smt Smiritiirani. They have no other work except fault finding and pin priking issues. My advise to them to waite and watch, the work of N.D.A Govt lead by Prime-minister Sh Narendra Modi, at least for 100 days and if they do not give any positive result, then they have the right to criticise them, thanks.







  4. Respected Sir,
    The members of the congress party are searching some thing to say against the Government of Sri Modi but they are not success to search. Therefore they are opposing about the qualification of the Smt Smiriti Irani which is in the jurisdiction of E.C., or the Court. I am fully and always agree with you.


    1. As an opposition party Congress is left with no positive an approach on any issue. My thanks.


  5. congress party never expected such a blow .now the spoke person searching some point to criticise NDA govt.
    The performance of Smriti irani should be judged by her work not basic qualication.


  6. Sir no doubt Mrs Irani is an outstanding personality of art and acting. But the way she has declared her qualification- graduate in 2004 and B.A.-1 in 2014 has led her in a ridiculous state. The ministers of Modi`s cabinet are highly qualified and of outstanding performance records. The Education Minister is the architecture of the nation. It was better that a man of outstanding knowledge and qualification should have been given this portfolio. Mean while the controversy raised has only maligned the image of the nation and reflected the dirty feelings of the Indian politicians- the great


  7. You are quite correct in your expressions. My thanks.


  8. ON the petition of Dr, Subramanyam Swami in regard to concealment of fact of educational matter of Mrs Sonia Gandhi,she submitted apology to the Court.Why they are silent who are creating hue & cry for Mrs.Irani.


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