This blog has a change in design:

Not a big news but after all it concerns my routine blog posts. With a view to secure a look that is compatible to readers liking with a distinctly feasible reading I have been trying to change the look and design of my blog Avenues, the one revived only recently. The template now adopted for the purpose is a bold one with a robust get up and look. It provides plenty of space with the other features like Menu (a list of Pages) and widgets being available just on a small click on the relative buttons on the top. Hopefully this may elicit the liking of the readers; if yes, it can continue to remain in use. Alternatively the earlier template can be revived or the other one can be selected. Your reaction in the matter shall be of guidance to me for the needful.

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5 thoughts on “This blog has a change in design:

  1. As previously stated, I like the simplicity of design. I’m just curious why so much space on left?


  2. I have made a note of your advice. My thanks with regards.


    1. To be fair, there is also a lot of empty space on right also. They do balance out.


  3. I agree with Hirundine Sir. I also feel the earlier design was much better as it was sober and saved space, Sir.


  4. Nice Sir. Open space reflects your instinct to inspire to enhance creativity always


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