Kejriwal -Shoot and scoop politics:

With a wavering mind he has been running from pillar to post always failing to catch a straw that could save him from drowning dead deep into ocean of politics, the last being his futile attempts to thwart the contempt proceedings against him –”an angel fluttering its wings in vain”. Yes, initially Arvind Kejriwal’s take off in Indian politics was seen as that of an angel but he was a flop before he could deliver any goods. Suffering from unbridled ambitions he had only a fall at every step. People in Delhi and even elsewhere who had a solemn confidence in him had to collide with delusions only. AAP crisis is deepening every day with in cadre dissentions bulgingly emerging on the surface. Shazia Ilmi and G.R. Gopinath, the two stalwarts in the Aam Aadmi Party, have since resigned from the party membership calling Kejriwal’s approach to the problems as “shoot and scoot” politics incapable of landing any where. Varanasi was a Waterloo for him where he lost miserably against Narendra Modi with a hefty gap of margin and this was on the face of his earlier boastings ridiculing Modi with the remarks “woh Banaras chhor kar bhag gaya, usko sharam aani chahiye”. Fickle minded, he miserably lacks necessary political manoeuvring to match varying situations with the result that he is an utter flop on every move of his. This is in fact the time for him to call it a day in politics and join back his mentor Anna Hazare as a social worker as politics is not supposed to be a cup of tea for him and he is too immature for the purpose.

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2 thoughts on “Kejriwal -Shoot and scoop politics:

  1. There can be no 2nd opinion that Kejriwal is immature.He is not only immature but it appears that he has become mentally disturbed also otherwise he would have not denied to signed bail bond in the court.




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