Why they can’t rise above self interest to serve the motherland?

Vedic scriptures prescribe that one has to sacrifice his individual self in the interest of the society, society in the interest of the region and region in the interest of country, the motherland. To quote a great poet, it runs like this:

“Breathes there the man with soul so dead

Who never to himself hath said

This is my own, my native land”

Self interest and self centredness are an inbuilt feature in any human and they just can’t be ruled out altogether but they are not to be allowed to supersede the national interest. India has a new government now after the general election so concluded recently and the incumbent incharge as Prime Minister (yet to be sworn in) has his credentials above board with a dynamic developmental performance to his credit having served his home State Gujarat as its Chief Minister for a period of a decade plus and it is in the interest of the country that he be allowed to work at the national level the way he did at the State level. But the very opposition parties are resorting to a leg pulling tactics trying to grab the opportunities of mud slinging with the sole motive of torpedoing his endeavours to foster the cause of the nation. Shankar Singh of Gujarat is provoking him on Ram temple in Ayodhya. even Jayalalithaa, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. is disputing the decision to invite Srilankan President to swearing in ceremony on 26/5 at New Delhi followed by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee with her rigid stand on Bangladeshi refugees, still yet followed by others including the congress party quarters opposing invitation to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to take part in swearing in ceremony at New Delhi. There could be many a disputes in respect of many a countries including China which the new government in India may have to take up more assertively but national level disputes are the ones to be taken up not in a childish manner, they warrant more of a statesman’s skill in the meantime meticulously adhering to the basic theme of the issues. Those who are opposing the new Prime Minister on some count or the other should rather bear with him and cooperate in furtherance of the national issues instead of resorting to leg pulling or indulging into mud slinging for no valid a ground.

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7 thoughts on “Why they can’t rise above self interest to serve the motherland?

  1. Really big money interests, still rule India. Like many other countries. The names are nearly always the same. Rothschild, Sassoon, Mayer, Astor, Li, Rockefeller, Morgan, Bush. These people have accumulated much wealth and they’re not about to let go. If a politician gets in their way and will not play their game? They will ruin them. Using media and secret service, to discredit and undermine. Then another government is bought in, with leaders who will play their game. Sometimes assassinated, often covered up.

    That is why people who try to work for the benefit of society are marginalized, or used as a front for other activity. These selfish individuals see not merit, except wealth. Gold and other precious things are their gods.


  2. So rich a feedback. My sincere thanks with regards.


  3. Respected Sir,
    It is a very important article to inspire the all politicians to serve the Nation to sacrifice their own selfishness.




  5. Not fair to Criticise each and every action of Modi government , It is the appropriate time for Opposition to change to positive thinking to serve the country,


  6. To govern a country ,with such varied culture and diversity is a big responsibility and anyone who sits on the place of power has to budge for many things ,even though he may not personally favour them, What remains is the nature and character of a leader should dominate here in interest of the people and country, and the decision for any such crucial thing should be followed,at least the conscience would be clear and the welfare of teh country not compromised.


  7. To rise above leaving self interest is not a easy task.It can be accepted by the people in exception.In regard to slinging of mud by other political parties in opposition I am of the view that they are shop keepers not social worker.In regard to oldest political party it has lost every thing rather it has nothing with it.It has only a concept that it is only oldest one otherwise this party has become worst than other regional party which are only involved for their personal interest.


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