Now in the changed scenario:

Not much of  time ago Narendra Modi, now the Prime Minister designate of India, was denied entry to America by denying him necessary Visa for the purpose. He has since not only been congratulated by the American President Barack Obama on his historically landmark victory in the recent elections but is being invited to visit America as a dignitary and a distinguished guest. This is what is called change of the times. As a great admirer of Mahatma Gandhi, Obama is the one who keeps a liberalised look for India and Indian culture and the chances are that India-America relationship would run in a harmonious mode. Chances are also there that India may garner better prospects on economy front giving a tough contest to America. Once Modi is able to launch positive initiatives addressing the burning issues at home, this is supposed to be damn easy for him to secure an enhanced global status to India, and if the period of more than a decade in Gujarat with Modi as its Chief Minister is an indication, people of the country feel assured of the similar performance at the national level with him as the Prime Minister. This would be a memorable day when Narendra Modi visits America as a distinguished guest on the face of the past when he was denied entry there  with secular stigma in the background by the top boss. With Modi in the saddle of governance now, there is every chance of the lost glory of Indian heritage and culture getting fully restored, nay rather in an enhanced measure.

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9 thoughts on “Now in the changed scenario:

  1. Sir, you have written the future of India under the new Prime-minister Sh Narendra Modi .Sh Modi is from the Sangh Pariwar and the person from the sangh pariwar is always patriotic and having love for Indian culture, Indian History and love for the Mother Land. I feel once again the new generation will be diverted to the Indian past history and the sacrificies made by the Indians for the freedom. Our new era is a new product of free India and the New Prime-minister Sh Narendra Modi will also be from one of those who born after Independance..

    Raj Kumar Negi


  2. Yes, Modi is the one capable of delivering the goods. Let us see. My sincere thanks.




  4. times changes and so do the opinion and outlook of people . There is a huge hope and expectation from the new prime minister.


  5. And expectations as such materialise well based as they are on a sound foundation. My thanks.


  6. now sri modi will will be received with due hounor by Sri Obama.


  7. Exactly, let us see that it comes true. My thanks.


  8. Changed scenario is interesting.


  9. On BISA issue I understand that it was not only USA roll,The roll of ruling party of that time in the country ie congress party can not denied.
    Now I am looking forward for this occasion.


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