I am writing mammoth but for whom?


I have written so much and am still continuing the marathon race knowing no estoppel. Sounds funny and quixotic but is a reality at my own level. Some one may well ask me why the hell I am exerting so much and for what purpose or whether it is some doctor’s advice to me to continue pursuing the task unabated for health reasons. No, nothing of this sort, it is rather a sheer weakness sort of thing on my part to share with others what I think is important taking a chance that they too may like it notwithstanding the very possibility that they may not. There are writers who say they are writing for self satisfaction. I don’t think they are honest enough in their expression as such as it is an inherent weakness of any human to have sharing with others. I too thought initially that whatever I am writing is aimed at self satisfaction but then I realised that it was not exactly as such and the truth was that I had an inbuilt hankering for sharing with others whatever was my thought wave. Sharing actually elicits more of a confidence which otherwise lacks many a times at the level of self. Most tiring and cumbersome a task is writing and it acts worse when not shared. Very often I think of giving up the onerous task of writing indefatigably and then I feel a jerk within myself to reconcile that it is a necessary evil and needs to be pursued as such.

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15 thoughts on “I am writing mammoth but for whom?

  1. Very well said in a nice manner
    Sir, In your Diary, what ever you write is the source of incipiration for the readers, there are a few persons, who can write on different matters/ subjects ans issues. Please donot give much attntion to the persons, who are not in favor of your this habit of writing. sir one thing is clear I like your blog and some time I give my comments. Some time, due to family urgencies I could not give the comments, so please continue to serve the nation with your thoughts and views. thanks.


    1. I have carefully made a note of your pointers. My sincere thanks.


  2. Every writing has its object.
    Writing skill as God gift talent usually being used for bread & butter. This never has practical approach.
    Another writing is for making communication which may have not idiomatic & attractive expressions but has honest object.
    Another is being used for convey their experiences to the society to make powerful base of one’s future. Most of the celebrities used this as their autobiography & they take services of professional & skill writers.
    In your case as you are well versed in all above fields but your past surrounding class was not of this taste means their approach was to use your services as a ‘Dudharu’ animals not to learn from you, so you have not numbers of visitors at your social networking writings.
    As you have lot of experiences along with wonderful writing expressions, you are supposed to write a book away from this virtual world.
    May be my expressions are not as a skill one but honestly my wish is you must be with us as legend book writer with your powerful messages with gravy of your unforgettable experiences.


    1. My thanks,Rahul. It’s after a long time that I have received some message of yours on my blog. This one is a revived one after my main blog tapovan976.org was hacked by unscrupulous gangsters. This blog was my hard labour with a readership of 4 lacs+ world over. My other blogs too have a better response always as from readers and I have no problem on that count. The post in question, which you have dexterously responded well, was just an expression on sharing. Hopefully, you are following this blog by clicking ‘follow’ so that I have the satisfaction that it is reaching you as your reactions to the relative topic always matter. Hope you are active on facebook too.


  3. Sir, what ever you write is the source of incipiration for the readers. please continue with out caring what others say,


  4. Enthusiasm may vary from reader to reader but response wise it is not lacking any where, my earlier blog had a readership of 4 lacs plus. What I have mentioned in my post is just a chain of thoughts. My thanks for encouragement.


  5. Sir, you are writing for us and we enjoy it. Kindly continue for our sake.


  6. There is always a message behind every write, either in form of moral, news, experience or hope. Its through writing things get better expressed and are indelible. They can be reread,shared, exactly the way in which created.
    For those who are interested and who shall be in future, this writings shall always be a piece of information, a historical excerpts of this era, motivational columns and an encouragement for each and everyone to write more ,who love writing.


  7. Yours is a note worthy feedback capable of heralding a powerful message. My thanks, Soumya.


  8. My thanks with regards. I have gone through the link so sent by you and find it quite of a great interest. I have liked it on the facebook and also commented.




  10. Awadhesh Pandey May 22, 2014 — 8:05 am



  11. Respected Sir,
    We are mentally very benefited to read your articles . Please continue it .




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