An exit unhonoured and unsung:

With a global reputation of a great economist, Manmohan Singh, till date the Prime Minister of India completing ten years of ruling, or say a mess ruling, the country, has to ultimately call it a day relinquishing his office to be now taken over by his successor tomorrow. Possibly he was the weakest Prime Minister of India the country ever had. The mess he created during ten years of his governance obviously forms a great burden for his successor. He was one of the successors to star performer like great Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of free India, but his working style could never create an impression that he was any thing more than a mouthpiece of some one else always obedient and submissive to ‘his master’s voice’ which factor was natural on the face of the fact that he was chosen, rather nominated, for only the qualities like these. His successor may prove to be strong on governance taking positive measures to strengthen the economic conditions of the country with a grip on law and order situation coupled with aggressive steps on developmental front, corruption and soaring prices but this shall be too much to expect him to play miracles overnight on these counts. May be it takes more time than expected of him to put the massively derailed rail back to its wheels with an overall functional improvement in the interest of the people of the country. It looks like talking crude but when it comes to calling a spade a spade one has to go by the reality that if Manmohan Singh is retiring unhonoured and unsung with ridicules from the people in general throughout the country, this is exactly what he deserves in all fairness.

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  2. Dr. Manmohan singh has resigned from thr Prime-ministership and his tenure of ten years will be remembered with mixed feelings. he was under the influance of congress president smy Sonia Gandhi , some actions of Mr Rahul Gandhi gave negative jerks to him , otherwise Mr Manmohan singh is a good person having good knowledge of his field but not a politician , he is a statesman , congress presidents family has demoralised him bur I feel he is a strong man, and after the retirement , he will be a free bird to fly and move as per his own thinking. I solute to his knowledge.Mr Narender Modhi should take some good knowlegde from him to serve the nation in better way. May God give Sh Manmohan singh a healthy and long prosperos life
    Raj Kumar Negi


  3. Mr Manmohan singh is a good person having good knowledge of his field but not a good politician , He was totally in the clutch of Gandhi family and because of his modest and cool nature could not resist . That is why he was simply working as a robot and of course the remote to operate was in the hand of Sonia gandhi ,


  4. I may agree with the view of good qualities of Dr. Man Mohan Singh,but question is – what is the use of those qualities by which the country has been put in to trouble?Other than being a most obedient of his master,was not any responsibility for the nation.Such persons should be take as anti national activist.


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