Elections–last phase of polling:

Most crucial a day it is today and equally historical when last phase of polling is drawing to a close and all forces opposed to Narendra Modi have joined together to see him damaged if not defeated. Booth capturing was reported to be an item on the agenda of the elements out to torpedo Modi’s apparent lead as evident from the mood of the voters. Mulayam Singh Yadav and his Chief Minister son Akhilesh Yadav are  trying their best through the local administration to slow down the vote process as a last minute resort to see that the polling percentage at Varanasi is as low as possible judging it from the mood of the voters that most of them were all pro Modi. This is too shallow a politics. This is the scenario obtaining till now in the afternoon of the day and it has yet to be seen as to what way it finally transpires by the time the polling is closed. Varanasi is all set to create a history.


Author: neelkanth

Certainly not a celebrity but do have inquisitiveness to know things, realise them and live them to the extent possible. My interest in History, Art of Living and behavioural science is an element that inspires me.Am a poet,an author,a consultant, an advisor on computers and behavioural science.Served as Director in Central Board of State Bank of India.Remained associated with trade union activities and industrial relations as President,All India State Bank of India Staff Federation.Led a delegation on computers to several countries abroad number of times as from State Bank of India/ Banking Industry. Was twice accorded with NATIONAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE by All India Freelance Journalists Association, Chennai (India). My email address is: neelkanthshahi@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Elections–last phase of polling:”

  1. despite all type of efforts, fair or foul, Modi won in Varanasi by 371000 plus.In this election I observed that there was no any issue except Modi and in fact all political parties have become united setting a side their ideologies.


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