Back to square one:

It was for something better in mind that I had switched over from Avenues ( to Avenues2 ( for which I had to pay quite a sum of an amount and this I had done to secure an improved functionality aimed at serving the cause of my mission –a mission to generate  requisite awareness on workforce front mainly inclusive of State Bank of India with the issues of life in the background. All was running extremely well with my blog acquiring a status of distinction to the point of being envied by many. Suddenly whole of my blog was damaged and it totally disappeared from the site showing only data error. Possibly it was a calculated attack as from some gang of hackers. Left with no option I had but to switch back to my original blog Avenues ( Most of my valued readers were already ‘following’ it and they may still be there but it is better if they check it once again and ‘follow’ it afresh to ensure necessary delivery of the new posts. This arrangement is experimental and may undergo a change depending on its working. As always, I do depend on my valued readers to make the revived blog as a successful alternative. This blog doesn’t support ads excepting the one as from WordPress itself to be suitably entertained by the valued readers and visitors. Rest of the features are more or less the same. I keenly look forward to readers response.

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10 thoughts on “Back to square one:

  1. Iam here Sir, Hope this one runs smoothly. Every hurdle brings a new sense of determination. Best of luck for new ventures through this Avenue.


  2. I draw a sense of solace from your message with good words and what is more gratifying to me is that I find you back to my original blog. My heartfelt thanks.


  3. Sir, it is a matter of pleasure for the readers that you are able to restart your old original blog.I hope this will run smoothly. I wish all success for the new original blog . If the cost of this blog is high, please ask your readers to share the cost, and I am ready to share.



    1. My thanks for a heart touching response. Sense of sharing so manifested by you is worth much more than any material help, I do cherish it, I do preserve it. Please confirm to me that you have since ‘followed’ the newly revived blog, it is easier on this site.


  4. Dr. Devraj Panigrahi May 9, 2014 — 3:12 am

    Sir, hacking is not uncommon in ds area. But I really feel quite happy that U are back through d original blog, as is posted. A cost, if high, can be shared by visitors & followers to have new ideas & information that is available with your researched posts. I am one in that category of sharing d burden. pl. initiate your self assigned pious responsibility to help us propagating new ideas that helps invigorating awareness among all & one.


    1. I feel moved by your good words enough to soothe a tormented mind with the spirit of a kinship. I owe you a thousand thanks. Hope you have already ‘followed’ the new blog afresh.


  5. Awadhesh Pandey May 9, 2014 — 10:14 am

    Respected Sir,
    This now blog is very useful for us and I am ready to do what is your instruction about this blog.


  6. You are already contributing your best to strengthening this blog. My thanks.


  7. Sir.. We welcome the revival of this blog which is now is a befitting answer to hackers… In the whole universe no hacker can hack your instinct , your undying spirit to fight against evils and your unconquerable soul always involved in positive creativity.. Your followers are with you sir… No body can stop the communication between you and us as you are the greatest inspiring personality we have ever seen… We are to contribute up to any extent sir…. May God keep you healthy and hearty….


  8. Encouraging, inspiring and with a touch of solace. My thanks with affection.


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