Roughing out the bad weather:


In the midst of a hurricane engulfed by a sort of turbulent wave one after the other in an uninterrupted sequence targeting my physical faculties to tolerate the onslaughts, it’s an ocean of miseries encircling me from all sides and all that all of a sudden. Many may call it a puzzle emanating from my stars. Why am I talking about all this? Simply a sharing between me and my blog knowing fully well why the hell the whole world should bother about it. When I am confronted with torments at times I try to locate some solace by jotting down my wildly unbridled thoughts reclining upon my laptop, my faithful companion. My predicaments, nearly half a dozen at the moment, are weighing unbearably heavy on my head and here am I to take upon them howsoever catastrophic they are. Let me see which way the wind ultimately blows and whether I am able to rough out the bad weather.


10 thoughts on “Roughing out the bad weather:”

  1. Sir, Very nice reopening of the new blog , and your sincere thoughts depicted in this sincere thanks for the hard work done by you for us …the readers.



  2. Sir….. No turbulent wave , no hurricane can hinder your way as yours is like a summer breeze sir…. Here I wanted to quote your lines but unfortunately that have been lost in the lost blog.. I request you sir to again recite the excellent poetry which is quite warranted here and was something like this…..
    Zindagi ke pairahan mein zamindose kuhashe ki tarah, ……
    main roz rachata rahunnga ek naya unmaad…( I don’t remember exactly sir so waiting for recital.)…


  3. My thanks for closely going through the post. As desired, I am quoting below certain extracts from my relative poem:

    Ik adad zindagee
    इक अदद ज़िंदगी का पैराहन
    सिमट रहा है ज़मींदोज़ कुहासे की तरह
    तमाम उम्र के घाटे को जो चुका न सका
    बन्द मुट्ठी के तंगहाल मुनाफ़े की तरह

    मगर क़ुबूल नहीं आज भी शिकश्त मुझे
    कश्मकश जारी रहेगी हत्तुल इम्काँन
    होश क़ाबू में हैं जिस हाल में जिस लम्हा तक
    मैं रचाता रहुँगा कोइ न कोइ उन्वान

    फिर तो क़ुदरत का करिष्मा मुझे संभालेगा
    वास्ता कायनात का है इत्ना
    फिर तो ज़ेबायेशे दरिया क़ी लहर ओढ़ेगी
    ज़माँ दराज़ का भारी सपना

    I am also providing you the relative link of this poem on my blog ‘Abhivyakti’. It is like this:

    Please confirm to me when you receive and go through it.


    1. Sir Excellent poetry. Inspiring and making capable to rough of the bad weather. Thanks sir. It will be the philosophy of my life as a great gift by you


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