Between devil and the deep sea:

Yes, I had but to suffer a setback when my blog Avenues2 ( fell victim to a big sabotage and it just disappeared like some vapour in the air. I started hankering for some alternative after I felt that its recovery is only a remote possibility but it was too tedious a task and I almost found myself virtually placed between devil and the deep sea –reconciling with the loss by compromising the hardest possible labour I had put in in building up the blog and falling for some trivial options like reclining upon some old creation of certain blogs. I had ultimately no option but to settle with my old favourite Avenues ( and the story may rest here unless some miracle occurs and my lost blog is restored to me.


5 thoughts on “Between devil and the deep sea:”

  1. It is vary sad to read tht your full blog has been high jaked. This is a frustrated incident by the miscreant. Many pentioners and the readers were in the habit of enjoying your blog,has veen deprived . Sir I am not a computer Engineer/or expert, it is better to have or seek the guidance of an expert in this field so that the blog is restored to its original position. God is with you and I hope this will be done by some of our friend/reader. Please do not incorporate the material from the over sees readers, from that sight the high jake drama can be . Sir I am with you in this sad momments.



  2. I feel moved by your good words. The experts of global status have already shown enough of their interest but the damage caused by ill doer hackers appears unrecoverable as the saboteurs have done the damage beyond repairs for their self interest. I make a note to let you know if I am able to work out some alternative although that is too tedious a task. My sincere thanks.


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