My blog remained inoperable for 3 days!

Yes, this very blog of mine had to undergo certain technological upgradations, and for that reason it was totally off for 3 days with the result that I was almost rendered incapacitated to the extent that I could neither  make an entry nor edit any thing. Those who go through my calendar of activities on this site will find that there is not even a single day’s gap in my posts as I am invariably on the job each day. My calendar knows no holidays otherwise too. My posts for this duration too were there but they were in the pipe line pending their publication. That way, my record of no gap remained in tact with the difference that the relative posts for the period were staggered for 3 days to reach the readers. I could not attend to the work of my fellow bloggers, nor could I reply the queries raised by them and others by way of their comments and the likes. This aspect too was duly taken care of by me by marking their articles, comments, etc. to a specific folder marked as ‘Transition’ in my mail routine to be taken up after the gap is over. I am sorry for the irritation this might have caused to my esteemed readers, fellow bloggers, and the followers. Every thing stands fully updated now.

There are some major changes. The address of my blog now is instead of with a supplementary domain Mode of comments has undergone a change and I may have to individually moderate each comment till such time my option to waive it applies. Names of many of the followers are missing in their list on record, and they may have to undertake the exercise of following me afresh. The blog name continues as ‘Avenues’ but on record it is ‘Avenues2’. I am sorry for the inconvenience my esteemed readers, fellow bloggers, followers and well wishers may have to experience because of these changes. I do continue to looking at them as a great source of inspirations.

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3 thoughts on “My blog remained inoperable for 3 days!

  1. Sir 3days without your blog made me extremely perplexed as something most important was missing. Ultimately I got solace after talking you over phone. Blog is back source of our inspiration is back. Welcome sir.


  2. my blog malfunctioned yesterday miserably but I think it was internet problem or rats!




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