Priyanka Gandhi–a leader in the offing!


The first Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, was not only most popular a leader but virtually a heart throb of millions of people in the country obviously because of his sacrifices to secure freedom to India. The one, rather the first one, meeting of his at Bahraich (U.P., India) I attended as a child gave me a chance to have a glance at his face. He was charming and the people in general every where were mad after him. His charm and charishma had an instant impact on the men, women and the childred and all of them actually worshipped him like an angel. That is all a history now. Things changed with the passage of time and there came a stage when his daughter Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India with repeated incumbencies as such. Some intervening exceptions apart, there came a stage when her son Rajiv Gandhi, earlier a Pilot by profession, joined the saddle as India’s Prime Minister. After his assassination, it was the turn of his wife Sonia Gandhi but she gave a walk over to Manmohan Singh making him the Prime Minister. Some call it as her sacrifice but that is not the fact. The fact is that she showed her reluctance to become the Prime Minister for her own family circumstances, rather it was the fear factor for her life which prevented her from becoming the Prime Minister with the result that her choice fell on some thing which was much more than the Prime Ministership and she became the Chair Person of the UPA instead to rule the country. Public knows it well that it is virtually the Gandhi family which is reigning the country. Her son Rahul Gandhi is already a Member of Parliament being nurtured as a potential candidate to become the Prime Minister of the country. Priyanka Gandhi till now preferred to lead her family life joyfully and with comfort keeping herself aloof from active politics. Now that she too has to be accommodated in the system some where, and with that view in mind she is being groomed as a potential candidate as a Member of Parliament from Rae Bareli, which constituency is presently being represented by Sonia Gandhi herself. Now only her son-in-law, husband of Priyanka Gandhi, is left out, as their children are too young to be given some employment. Possibly he too can be accommodated some where with some new manoeuvring.

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6 thoughts on “Priyanka Gandhi–a leader in the offing!

  1. Perhaps 65 years and a copy of British constitution are not enough to overcome the deep rooted feudal system.




  3. Very interesting Sir.


  4. Sir Nehru ji was a greatest visionary and tallest personality of the Indian and international political system. He was a messenger of peace. You have very nicely elucidated that how the public was mad for him. Indira Ji was his daughter, a freedom fighter and also a charismatic leader and boldest Prime Minister of India. The grateful India loved father and daughter which have no parallel. On the assassination of Indira Ji the country witnessed unprecedented wrath in public and Rajiv Gandhi Her son was given the biggest majority in the Lok Sabha. After the brutal assassination of Rajiv Gandhi his widow Sonia decided to refrain from the power seat for the reasons well described by you. Now Rahul Gandhi is in politics and is being projected as the future P.M. Now the youngest India has a majority of voters below 30years of age. This generation have not seen the Charisma of Nehru and Indira Ji. Now the political system have been soiled by caste, creed and community factor along with heavy corruption. This all has happened due to entry of bad elements in the system. We the Indians usually believe in miracles and mirage. Some people want to see Indira Ji in Priyanka Gandhi. Undoubtedly people have sympathy and honor for Priyanka but certainly not for Badheras. So the road in the name of Nehru and Gandhi is now leading towards ‘The End signal’.


    1. Thanks for an elaborate comment, nice and well worded.


  5. she must have stepped aside for Rahul.


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