Rape spree knows no end in India!

Shameless acts hardly know any end to them, more so in a country like ours, India. To facilitate stringent action against rapists, necessary Bill has since been passed by the Parliament of the country. Although the very Bill suffers from several handicaps and limpings in ensuring its full implementation, it is there after all as some thing against nothing. This Bill is there mainly in the context of New Delhi gang rape case, covered in this blog number of times, but despite a massive mass upsurge as from the public as a whole, there is hardly any check on nefarious activities in the matters of rape, it rather continues unbridled in more aggressive a manner. There are reports in the news papers almost every day about some new victim of a rape or the other; it is just a rape or a gang rape, is a different matter. Only the other day at Agra (U.P.,India), a British woman, a doctor by profession and aged around 32, had too difficult a time escaping from the clutches of a hotel owner who forcibly attempted a rape on her, put up as she did in his hotel Room No.206. It happened around 3.45 AM. Her room was opened with a duplicate key by the owner of Hotel Agra Mahal. He was accompanied by another man. As a last resort, the lady had no option but to take a plunge from the balcony of her room running out of hotel to the local police station. She sustained injuries in the process. ‘A guest is an Angel’ is the saying in India, and if this is  now quoted to the concerned British woman, she would be the last person to take it on its face value. The culprit so involved has since been arrested and taken into police custody for necessary action against him. Some hope of a tangible action in the matter is pinned to the fact that the matter is being actively followed by the British Embassy in India.

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11 thoughts on “Rape spree knows no end in India!

  1. A moral vacuum created by discarding old values without putting another set of acceptable ones……


    1. A meaningful feed back. My thanks.


  2. By and large the activities of rape i.e animal behaviour of human can only checked by Moral Education.This should be made made compulsory in educational centers.


  3. This is painful, Sir


  4. Well said, Sir.


  5. It is beyond education. Although it must be agreed, that education is very important. It has more to do with empathy and personalities who possess this empathy. All the education and laws in the world will not do much. As long as the empathy – the ability to realize to understand and feel for other’s pain. Is lacking.

    Where do we get this empathy? Mostly we are born with it, within our personalities. To be more aware, is where some education becomes involved. As long as the ego is too strong. It creates a barrier to empathy.

    There is an American top secret project, that has been around since 1970’s. Called HAARP. Some believe that it is a weapon, used against the population of the world and society. Using high frequency sound waves, it is said that it can create different effects on people. That vibration, sound, can have an effect on us is well documented and has been known for centuries, especially in Hindi culture. That the americans might be using the phenomena, is maybe not so well known?

    Why would they do such a thing? Well a society that has the appearance of being run by satanic worshiping cult. Likely, only sees greed and the worse aspects of human nature. As something to be manipulated for their own ends. Like de-stabilizing society.

    A Google search turns up all manner of theories and some dis-information about HAARP. Here is one chosen at random from the first page of the question. “What is HAARP”. http://truthisscary.com/curriculum/haarp-project-blue-beam/


  6. what is happening to our decency? its downright disgusting or they are being more highlighted after the delhi case.


  7. Sir It is unfortunate that now right from the beginning the system of education has been changed. The lessons of morality, dignity and character building have been disappeared from the syllabus. Now the entire education system is based on thug-hi. so the existing social scenario is the result of uncultured social foundation. The responsible agencies/persons should take a note of it.


  8. The incident happened after passing the bill by the govt. I feel the people of this country are having their mind set for this act because they feel that ladies are cheepest mode of entertainment for them. They mind has not come out from the bad thinking.OUR COUNTRY is hot and the climate of the country is also having the effect on their mind.Our pictures/ Television Programmes Newspaper should play the role to educate the Indian youth to be away from such act.,otherwise your own life will be in the jail..

    Raj Kumar Negi


  9. Your message will touch the conscience of the inner mind! It is thought provoking and maybe will open up quite a few eyes in important places! You are a voice of reason. You are always a delight to read! God bless!




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