Why so much of a fuss against English?

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There was a storm let loose in the Parliament of the country the other day opposing tooth and nail the initiative taken by the Union Public Service Commission to make English language compulsory for Indian Administrative Service candidates. They have proposed introduction of an exclusive paper of 100 marks for English in which it is compulsory for the candidates to qualify. The hue and cry raised on this count is that this is being done at the cost of the other local languages mainly including Hindi. Most vociferous in protesting against it was Lalu Yadava of Bihar. Hindi is the national language, true, but there are certain States in India itself where English is more popular than Hindi, say for example, Tamil Nadu. Other regional languages are in the queue to seek some sizeable entry at the national level but that is an area of a toughest possible competition. At the global level, there is no parallel to English and it is a solitary language that reigns supreme almost in all the countries. None can deny that any developing country can not afford facing cut throat competitions at the international level without its dependence on English. Many of those lobbying for anti English movement are the ones whose first preference for their children is an English school or college as against an institution imparting the education through Hindi, or even the regional language. If necessary study is made for the purpose, it may very well come to surface that sons and daughters of these so called anti English propagandists in majority are serving in English countries for better emoluments instead of serving their own country.  Charity begins at home, and they should first start pro Hindi or some other regional language campaign to begin with at their own level. An initiative like this may increase the popularity of Hindi or any other regional language more instead of taking cudgels against English.

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12 thoughts on “Why so much of a fuss against English?

  1. Hmmm a complicated situation.

    It’s true that the language, English is currently regarded as the global language and it is so frequently to the detriment of other languages. Much to the chagrin of French speakers and so on.

    Still there is a benefit to being multi-lingual. Something the majority of english speakers, are not. Multi-lingual, that is. The benefit of having this talent of multi-lingual. Is that most english speakers, cannot understand what is being said around them, when another language is spoken.

    Personally, I have a smattering of other languages. But, without someone to practice them with, they slowly fade in memory. I often really need to concentrate, when the languages other than english are spoken. Tuning in on occasion to french and italian language television, just to try and improve.

    Any hindi I learnt in 1971, is largely forgotten. The greek, learned for a visit in 1994 almost completely forgotten, especially the written.

    I was always a bit jealous of my ex-brother in law and his fluent command of a half-dozen or more language. Including Arabic. Still, he practised daily. Something I’m lazy with.

    While it is said that French is the language of lovers? The most attractive language in my estimation is Greek. A most beautiful language to listen to. I suppose those speakers of hindi and urdu, may disagree? But, there you have it.

    I hope that language speakers all over the world, will keep the various dialects and root languages alive. For without that diversity, we the people are poorer.


    1. So rich a feed back. My sincere thanks.


  2. Sir, the language base formation of states is the main reason of present day language problem.. What Mr. Lallu was ? before coming to politics, people have come to know about him only for his language spoken in English hummer ,This is the biggest mistake in India ,the division / formation of states on the base of language, there should have been only two language in the country Hindi, and English., People want their children should work in the English spoken areas/ countries and in India they oppose English. .They should rethink on this. Rest every bodt is free to say any thing to any one.

    Raj Kumar Negi .


  3. Sir. I have heard you many times in general meetings addressing in Hindi and in Hindi only. Even not a single word of English was used. A pin drop silence were there to hear your every word. I have also been fortunate to hear you in top executive meetings where a super fine communication in English were delivered by you. This is the extreme honor being given to any language. Hindi is our mother tongue and no doubt it deserves a great honor at least from Indians. But the so called champions of Hindi are making a big loss to it. Lalu Yadav who boasts to be the champion of Hindi always attempts to speak in English. There is a story about him as I have read in a magazine. He was the President of student union in Patna. There was a inter-state hockey tournament in Patna at that time. Due to some dispute raised some unit refused to participate in the game. The organizers requested Lalu to intervene for a solution. Lalu tried his best but failed. Ultimately he said in English ‘You play or you not play what goes my father?’ This is love of the Lalu for English. Perhaps his son have studied from English medium, Akhilesh Yadav honorable CM of U.P. son of Mulayam Singh Yadav have studied in Australia. Sir you have very correctly observed that all these Hindi champions have sent their kids in English medium schools even outside India. Their love for Hindi is nothing but fool making device for vote bank politics. Everyone should learn Hindi and honor it. In no way English is a hindrance in it.


  4. This is nothing but a undue prejudice.


  5. There are persons not knowing English and to cover up their deficiency they talk of some local language which suits them


  6. If we want that India should represent at Global level English language ia necessary. Our I.T . is an example.


  7. shyammohanmisra March 18, 2013 — 12:05 pm

    English is language of international commerce it will occupy its space. No Lalu can stop this.


  8. Feels like people are more happier when they stage a protest agianst something,irrespective of facts or reasons.Without naming anyone there have been protests against English language! The idea of thinking that the language English is of Britishers and we are surrendering our freedom of speech in their language i think bites the ego.For they forget,English is an international language,to progress and to go forth in the international scenario we have to be complacent ! To learn English and to grow with it at a a pace of world ‘s is n’t a crime. Yes,Hindi too should be compulsory in all states till the !0th ,thts what I feel.forr national language too should be used and known. havinfg proficiency in other language and forgetting our own national one would not be wiser at any time


  9. my sentiments exactly. I think English is a part of almost all countries, and the way world is moving its intelligent if we learn it.


  10. Dr Ram Manohar Lohia advocated Hindi because the poor had no access to English. He feared a class divide, and victimisation of the poor. We were a new country, and he hoped for a new beginning. But this divide is now well developed. Depriving the masses of English only perpetuates it. It’s a way to keep the downtrodden down, and the upper classes up.


    1. My thanks for a meaningful comment.


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