Consent for sex age is reduced!

Yes, that’s the news. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2013 lowers the age of consent for sex from 18 years to 16 years. The rape has been made an offence as gender specific and only men can be charged on that count. The amendment, so cleared by the Central Cabinet, also stipulates stringent punishment for crimes against women including rape cases. The amendment in question should have been more specific particularly in regard to punishment for crimes against women, which it is not. ‘Consent’ for sex is evasive as this is the area most exploited in the cases of rape. There are instances where undue pressure is forcefully applied on the victims to admit that what occurred as a rape was the consented one. There are cases, although exceptional, where women too themselves apply coercive methods seeking sex from men. This too is a kind of rape only, and the clause in the Amendment should have been addressed to any body, man or woman, involved in the act. The unnatural sex between homo sexuals is equally an area which should have been branded as ‘rape’. As reported by media, the case of one B.D. Khente, an army man, who shot down his senior, a Subedar, Randhir Singh, in June’2006 for the reason that the latter was making undue advances to the former for unnatural sex by sodomising him. He was punished for life for the killing as such. In fact, it was a sort of self defence resisting an attempt of rape against him, and there was no reason to punish him. The Amendment in the Criminal Law so cleared should have covered the cases, the unnatural ones, of such a nature also in the Bill. That way, the Bill is not adequately comprehensive on matters of ‘rape’.

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12 thoughts on “Consent for sex age is reduced!

  1. The bill is to presented in the parliament on Monday i.e.18.03.2013 and the full details will be available after its presentation.To reduce the age from 18 years to 16 years is not good got India . Our culture is different from the western culture. There are states like U.P.,Bihar, and other tribal, where the marriage is even before this age but the honey moon is after attaining the proper age .You have explained the law in details..In India girls are matured in the age group of 16. . by accepting this age . we are also giving way to increase in the population (more growth in the population).on one side India needs control on the population. ,The inflation rate will be more .

    Raj Kumar Negi ,


    1. Yes, you are correct, Negi. A new addition suggested by you that it is likely to result into further menace of growing population in the country is quite relevant. My thanks.


  2. Whole of area concerning with this type of crime is not covered.


    1. That’s for the reason that it makes the post awesomely lengthy. My thanks for the comment.


  3. Bill amendment should have been more specific.


  4. This will increase population of India more, Sir.


  5. Sir. Government seems under heavy public pressure and the decision taken in this case is in a haste. The aftermath of reducing the age can not serve the purpose and it will affect the future of young India adversely. It is like ‘Roza chhudane me Namaz gale padi’. The serious incident referred in your blog is totally uncovered though it was a most heinous crime and a innocent soldier was punished. Such type of crimes are not rare but now common in nature. Indian government is importing various foreign culture ignoring its original culture of strong character and high thinking. Very soon the coming situation will compel the government to reconsider and re-amend it appropriately.


  6. I agree with most of your blog, neelkanth. Once more, it is succinct and meaningful in it’s comment.

    I would point out that age of consent in Vatican s 12 years of age. The Vatican was trying to have it as low as 8 years of age. However public opinion was enough to force it upwards.

    In Europe, through middle ages there were many instances of women being married off at ages far younger than 16. Boys too.

    One thing that bothers me is the young boys. Used as soldiers carrying Kaleshnikovs and other weaponry, as young as what the Catholics would have the age of consent. Killing and sex. But not old enough to vote.


  7. This law is one sided i.e. punishment for crimes against women.Moreover there are every possibility to be misused.Specially by the police .Police will endorse a number of clauses as had been in dowry cases.


  8. shyammohanmisra March 18, 2013 — 12:15 pm

    This issue has many dimensions. It requires a general debate before reaching to a final conclusion.


  9. A debatable issue! even if the maturity level of children has changed, and teenagers are more matured mentally .their physical growth and stability is stable only after 18.


  10. thank God that they finally kept it 18. a sixteen year old girl is a child, and she should be treated like one.


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