Extending help to one who can’t afford it:

It’s not that you can help any body you want as much depends on the one who gets it. Like every thing in the world, help too is a factor which can’t be one sided. A senior citizen friend of mine is having different kinds of ailments like blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, piles and even back ache. His routine is typical. He has an ivory canopy hanging by the roof top in front of his house. Most of the time he continues sitting there on a chair under the shade of the ivory canopy sort of the thing avoiding the sun and the open air. I advised him to do some walking and mild exercise. It didn’t match his taste. I told him that if he can’t do it, he could at least sit for a few minutes on the roof of his house warming himself up in the mild sun and open air, and that too didn’t work with him. His house is a big one having a large roof top but he hardly goes there to avoid climbing the stairs. I again told him that it is okay if  he doesn’t have interest in these thing, he could at least do some simple yoga. There again, he failed to take any initiative. I got exhausted of giving him unwanted advices one after the other. Disappointed, I had no option but to stop chasing him unwantedly as my advices were more a harassment than any relief to him. I got reminded to myself that any help, or some help by way of an advice, is not just an action at my own level, more than that what really matters is the attitude of the person concerned at the receiving end, and this is what holds good in all the areas of life.

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12 thoughts on “Extending help to one who can’t afford it:

  1. It is unfortunate that the lethargy of your friend is his biggest enemy. Homo sapiens is born to walk. It’s how are cardio-vascular system works. To walk and in doing so swing our arms is the way it all works. Yoga, etc. Is like the icing on the cake of keeping it all suple. But the main thing is, to walk. There are some trapped in wheelchairs that would change bodies with your friend, in a snap. What a shame, what a waste!

    You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.



    1. I make a note to communicate your advice to my friend for his benefit and advantage. I have also perused the contents of the link so provided by you. It is just so fantastic. My sincere thanks.


  2. It is a lesson through this blog that one should avoid giving advice would out asking from other side. Being a well wisher , the advice is only given for the betterment of the persons closely associated , it actually hurts , if his advice should is not followed.




  4. The needy ones themselves should take the initiative.


  5. no wonder he suffers from so many health problems!


  6. This also is a thought.


  7. It is a extreme of lethargy.
    Universe,is not possible to take into boundary and so many things or creature are avaible in it which is not imaginable by human being.
    Sir,I understand that your friend would be only single piece of the universe.


  8. Sir There is a old saying ‘God helps those who help themselves’. The advices and helps are for those who want to overcome their problems and have fighting instinct. But as from your helping nature and attitude the advices required for anyone should be given as usual. Someday it may create a miracle in the life of the person concerned and the positive changes may take place.


  9. Absolutely! sometimes the need for advice depends on whether the person is ready to accept any views or suggestions,else there is no use spending any energy .


  10. shyammohanmisra March 18, 2013 — 12:17 pm

    Seeker is important for success of any advice.


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