Why women are more prone to committing suicide?

As per recently published a report, several causes for committing suicide are enumerated laying emphasis on the factor that compared to men women are more prone to committing suicide, more so in the age bracket of women between 15 to 49 years age wise. The causes are:

  • “Suicide/ self harm
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Major depression
  • Injury from fire, heat, hot substance
  • Maternal disorders related to child birth
  • Low back pain
  • Chronic obstructive lung disease
  • Tuberclosis”

Of the total deaths by suicide numbering 8,12,000 during the survey year of 2010, majority of them relates to girls/ women in the 15-49 years of age range. Why women commit suicide more in number than others is a matter of study with concern. This is the job only specialists can do but people in common too are supposed to feel concerned with such an epidemic. As a layman can take it, this suicide rate in high range is due to women being more sensitively sentimental and emotional, and for that reason they are more vulnerably prone to getting depressed even on minor matters. Such a sensitivity on their part leads them to quickly fall a victim to severe depression, which disease attracts suicidal tendency much more than any other ailment. This is not a kind of any discrimination but the role played by difference in hormones governing the total emotional factor. Women, by and large, are too tender to take on the mental setbacks.

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11 thoughts on “Why women are more prone to committing suicide?

  1. Some facts I was not aware of.

    Though once in the role of a volunteer community counsellor, I had to talk a women out of her intended suicide. A talk that was unsuccessful. That was 35 years ago, but I still think of it today. That failure hits hard. While it was she, that did it? I would have liked to have been able to help her see what is wonderful about life. No matter how hard the circumstance. The position was one that focussed on “active listening”. Although, it is a kind of listening that is hard to put into practice. The main thrust was that you draw people out with questions like, “how do you feel about that”; etc. A practice that maybe was at fault, because I have never come across it since.

    You really do not know why people feel life is not worth living? Despite the list above in the blog. Perhaps the list is formed from those unsuccessful? Since the dead are unlikely to have the answer. Perhaps the suicide letter is aimed at giving a reasons they think those loved ones they leave will understand? Rather than the true reason, for feeling that their life is better not fulfilled?

    While I have felt depression. I cannot truly envision feeling so low, as to think that life is worth giving up? Over anything life can dish out. Still it said that, one must walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to know them.


    1. Your comment is in fact a full length post on the topic so rich in substance. The instance of your own experience so quoted by you is touching. I preserve your experience. My sincere thanks for the feed back.


  2. The whole country has serious problems of mental well being. It becomes more apparent in groups that are under higher stress. Unfortunately we have few experts in this area and fewer institutions. The approach is almost always curative.

    The support system from joint family system and traditional non competitive attitudes is breaking down and finally the governments have too many more tangible problems to solve ……… the list is end less.

    Appreciate your raising the issue. 🙂


  3. womens tendency as such is well known.


  4. Women are more sentimental than man and have less resisting power to handle the situation .THAT IS WHY THE SUICIDAL RATE IN WOMEN ARE MORE..


  5. Such tendency should be discouraged.


  6. In addition to reasons as taken in the Blog I think that present materialistic era may also be one of the reasons and perhaps this reason may be a part of depression..


  7. thanks for clearing my misconception. I used to think that men commit suicide more.


  8. Sir Women are most beautiful creation of God. They are also the personified forms of sacrifice and sentiment. They do hard work to maintain their family including kids which can not be possible by men. Often they don’t get appreciation as required from those who are most benefited by her. When treated unfairly they go in depression and commit suicide- the ultimate sacrifice.


  9. shyammohanmisra March 18, 2013 — 12:18 pm

    May be because women are more sensitive.


    1. *Looks like I see you on line commenting on one post after the other in quick succession. Thanks.*


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